The division of wood chemistry and pulp technology is resposible for following courses

KE2310  Sustainable Systems for Heat, Power and Materials Production 7.5 credits ,Course responsible:Elisabet Brännvall

KE1180  Introduction to Chemical Engineering 7.5 credits , Course teacher: Elisabet Brännvall

KF2460  Bio Fibre Chemistry 7.5 credits , Course responsible: Monica Ek, Teacher: Monica Ek and Gunnar Henriksson

KF1165  Materials Chemistry and Properties 9.0 credits , Course teacher: Monica Ek

KF2480  Chemistry of a Biorefinery 7.5 credits , Course responsible: Gunnar Henriksson

KA1015  Chemistry for Sustainable Development 6.0 credits , Course responsible: Gunnar Henriksson

KA1030  Perspectives on Research and Innovation 6.0 credits , Course responsible: Mikael Lindström 

KF2470  Pulp and Paper Processes 7.5 credits , Course responsible: Mikael Lindström 

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