Joakim Lundeberg

Joakim Lundeberg is Professor in Gene Technology, and is also the Director of the Genomics platform at Science for Life Laboratory (

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Joakim Lundeberg

Visiting address:
Science for Life Laboratory
Tomtebodavägen 23A (α-house, floor 3)
SE-171 65 Solna

Postal address:
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
School of Biotechnology
Science for Life Laboratory
PO Box 1031
SE-171 21 SOLNA

Phone: +46 8 5248 1469
Text/sms: +46-70 458 23 46

Short Biography

Joakim Lundeberg received a professorship in Molecular Biotechnology 2000. Today he heads the division of Gene Technology, part of the School of Biotechnology. He is also the director of the Genomics platform at Science for Life Laboratory that hosts the national infrastructure for massive parallel sequencing center, SNISS. Joakim Lundeberg defended his PhD thesis in biotechnology at KTH in 1993. After a postdoctoral period at the Radiumhospital in Oslo he returned to KTH as group leader.

The research group of Professor Lundeberg is involved in innovative technology development for DNA/RNA analysis. The development of new technologies for DNA/RNA analysis has revolutionized research in the life sciences; KTH’s engineering heritage of which Professor Lundeberg is part has enabled the university to make a pioneering and distinctive contribution to the field. Ongoing activities within Professor Lundeberg’s group stem from a tradition of methods development initiated in the early 90s with manipulations of DNA on monodisperse paramagnetic beads. Solid-phase technology remains a core area for method development in combination with emulsion technology, single cell analysis, whole transcriptome and genome approaches, nanopore technology, FACS etc. This set of new technologies is often used in interdisciplinary research programmes such as in cancer, stem cell and wood biology.

Entrepreneural activities
Joakim is co-founder of Magnetic Biosolutions, Woodheads AB (major shareholder of SweTree Technologies AB), Sedna Biotechnologies AB

Scientific output: Joakim is the inventor of a number of patents, and has published more than 200 scientific papers and reviews in international peer-reviewed journals, and has supervised 25 PhD students to their dissertation (see below).

Dissertations from the group

Year Title Name
1998 Analysis of human gene transcripts – identification and characterisation based on homology and differential expression Jacob Odeberg
1999 Mitochondrial DNA, Analysis of the control region in forensics and population studies Peter Savolainen
1999 Molecular archaelogy of cancer, analysis of the human p53 tumor suppressor gene Cecilia Williams
2001 Approaches for analysis of mutations and genetic variations Malin Nygren
2001 Molecular tools for nucleic acids Deirdre O’Meara
2001 Approaches for analysis of mutations and genetic variations Afshin Ahmadian
2002 Approaches to differential gene expression in atherosclerosis, Tove Andersson
2003 Detection and analysis of genetic alterations in normal skin and skin tumors Åsa Sivertson
2003 Strategies for de novo sequencing Anna Blomstergren
2004 Subtracted approaches to gene expression analysis in atherosclerosis Stina Boräng
2004 Cancer genomics - molecular analysis of epithelial cancers Anna Gustafsson
2005 Transcript profiling of small tissue samples using microarray technology Maria Sievertzon
2005 Arrayed Identification of DNA signature Max Käller
2006 Molecular Signatures of Cancer Esther Edlundh-Rose
2006 Mining the transcriptome – methods and applications Valtteri Wirta
2006 Microarray Based Gene Expression Analysis in Cancer Research Cecilia Laurell
2007 Genetic Sequence Analysis by Microarray Technology Emilie Hultin
2007 Interrogation of Nucleic Acids by Parallel Threading Erik Pettersson
2008 Transcriptional Patterns in Inflammatory Disease Johan Lindberg
2008 Generation of Dopaminergic Neurons from Human Embryonic Stem Cells Tandis Vazin
2009 Parallel target selection by trinucleotide threading Pawel Zajec
2009 On Transcriptome Sequencing Daniel Klevebring
2010 Methods for Analyzing Genomes Patrik Ståhl
2011 Massively parallel analysis of cells and nucleic acids Julia Sandberg
2011 Enabling massive genomic and transcriptomic analysis Henrik Stranneheim