Department of Sustainable Production Development

The Department of Sustainable Production Development conducts research and education with the broad aim to improve sustainability of future manufacturing industries.

Our research is conducted in close relationship with world-leading manufacturing companies and SMEs, as well as the infrastructure of KTH’s Lean Centre and Södertälje Science Park. Our educational efforts include a two years Master’s Programme in English (starting in 2019) and several programmes and courses in Swedish.

The department is a part of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management

Premises of KTH Södertälje where Lean Centre arranges their workshops.

Lean Centre gets businesses going

In an era of pressing climate challenges, Lean is more relevant than ever. KTH’s Lean Centre (Leancentrum) in Södertälje supports companies and organisations in streamlining their processes and ultimately contributing to Sweden’s sustainable growth.

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Last changed: Jun 03, 2019