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Education in Sustainable Production Development

The Department of Sustainable Production Development give courses in several educational programs. KTH's two-year Master’s Programme in Sustainable Production Development is especially designed for international students and completely taught in English.

Sustainable Production Development

M.Sc. in Engineering, 120 credits
The Master’s program in Sustainable Production Development targets students interested in contributing to a renewal of industrial production. Via strong industrial interactions and broad holistic perspectives, the program prepares you for interesting and important roles in industry, consultancy and research studies. The program is taught in English with courses targeting the department’s three specific profile areas: production management, production logistics and industrial dependability.

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Industrial Technology and Sustainability (Södertälje and Stockholm)

M.Sc. in Engineering, 300 credits
The department provides courses in the five-year Master’s program in Industrial Technology and Sustainability. This MSc programme comprises 300 credits and includes three years of undergraduate studies taught in Swedish and two years of master’s level studies taught in English. It provides broad technical knowledge and, in the last two years, your choice of specialization in a particular area of expertise.

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Mechanical Engineering

B.Sc. in Engineering, 180 credits
The Bachelor of Science programme in Mechanical Engineering has the character of a technical-theoretical education, providing knowledge in both fundamental and applied subjects. The program is taught in Swedish and stretches over three years. The courses given the first year are common for all students. During year two the students are able to choose one of two specializations:

  • Industrial Economics and Production
  • Innovation and Industrial Design

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Industrial Technology and Production Maintenance

B.Sc. in Engineering, 180 credits
The Bachelor of Science programme in Industrial Technology and Production Maintenance is taught in Swedish and provides broad technical knowledge in the field of sustainable production and the maintenance of industrial installations. As a graduate you will be attractive in several industries, for work on the operation and maintenance of installations or with development projects to enhance businesses both technically and financially.

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Teacher education with focus on technology, level 7-9 (Stockholm and Södertälje)

B.Sc. in Engineering and Teacher. 270 credits
The teacher program with a specialization in technology at KTH gives you the opportunity in four years to study for two professions: B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and high school teacher in technology and mathematics. After graduation, you can work with both people and technology, in business and in the school world.

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Preparatory Education

The department runs courses in three preparatory educational programs: one on-campus-teaching over one year, one distance-teaching over one year, and one program over 6 months. They are designed to prepare students for a university education within engineering. The program is tailor made for further studies at KTH and you are trained in problem solving, and theory in chemistry, mathematics and physics and get a good study technique for the future. After an approved education, you are guaranteed a place at one of KTH's programs.

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