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  • From innovation to production

    Prof. Monica Bellgran in video by Produktionsänglar
    Published Nov 08, 2020

    Produktionsänglar is an initiative where KTH Södertälje and Södertälje Science Park collaborate to support start-ups.

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  • KTH Södertälje acted quickly when students got infected

    Published Oct 12, 2020

    Three students at KTH Södertälje have been tested positive with covid-19. The department acted immediately and switched to remote teaching.

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  • Digitized production logistics one of the goodies at KTH conference

    FoT conference logo (a globe and an illustration of things moving around on it.)
    Published Oct 12, 2020

    If you’re curious about what is happening within the logistics area you can attend this year's digital edition of the Research & Application Conferenc...

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  • Race for Södertälje's preparatory year

    Photo: Jonas Thorén
    Published Aug 19, 2020

    Many wanted to pinch one of the extra places for the Technical Preparatory Year in Södertälje. All 320 places filled up quickly, and 196 are placed on...

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  • Unilog – Nya kurser för Tillämpad logistikutbildning

    Published May 25, 2020

    Projektet UniLog har utvecklat kursmoduler inom tillämpad logistik, i samverkan mellan svenska, finska, estniska och lettiska universitet.

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  • Reflections from Science week seminar on Digital twins

    Erik Flores
    Erik Flores, postdoc
    Published Apr 06, 2020

    Science week was run during 4 days in Januari 2020. Postdoc Erik Flores reflects on one seminar: "Everybody wants a digital twin".

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  • Gästprofessorn: Samarbeten viktigt när industrin ställer om

    Porträtt av Marcus Lindahl
    Marcus Lindahl
    Published Feb 05, 2020

    Hej Marcus Lindahl, ny gästprofessor i produktionsledning och innovation på HPU, vad ska du bidra med i din nya roll?

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  • Picks for the Science week visitor

    Published Jan 14, 2020

    On January 29, Södertälje Science Week open its gates to the four-day event. We asked two of KTH's professors in Södertälje, Monica Bellgran and Magnu...

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  • Industry 4.0 mutual interest for Korea and Sweden

    Prof. Magnus Wiktorsson introducing collaboration project C-PALS.
    Published Oct 31, 2019

    A Friday in October, when autumn’s at its best, around 90 people gathered at KTH to get a glimpse of future manufacturing, and meeting representatives...

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  • Sweden and South Korea – Creating factories for the future

    Deltagare vid ett av uppstartsmötena besökte projektteamet Scania Smart Factory Lab.
    One of the start up meetings with the project team included a visit at Scania Smart Factory Lab.
    Published Jun 12, 2019

    The ability to follow material flows and predict effects are important aspects of factory digitalisation. On 1 June, a Swedish-South Korean project be...

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  • Saltå Kvarn propelled by Lean

    Sortiment av produkter från Saltå kvarn
    Saltå Kvarn has grown since its start in 1964 and so has the assortment. (Photo: Saltå Kvarn)
    Published Jun 10, 2019

    Saltå Kvarn has grown rapidly in recent years – albeit without a strategic plan. When it was not possible to work any harder, Saltå Kvarn enlisted the...

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  • Lean Centre gets businesses going

    Lean Centre arranges courses and workshops in the premises in Södertälje.
    Published Jun 03, 2019

    In an era of pressing climate challenges, Lean is more relevant than ever. KTH’s Lean Centre (Leancentrum) in Södertälje supports companies and organi...

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  • Industrial giants work together to achieve better production logistics

    Published May 22, 2019

    Good control of the flow of resources and information is often the key to an efficient production system. The LOVIS research project – logistics visib...

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  • The Kilogram is Being Retired

    The Kibble Balance determines Planck's constant, the physical constant which is now the basis of the new kilogram. (Photo: BIPM)
    Published May 17, 2019

    On May 20, we will have a new definition of what a kilogram is. KTH’s Andreas Archenti discusses why an artifact gets sacked and why this event is big...

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  • Competence fair attracted visitors to Södertälje Science Park

    Exhibition booth with folders and roll up.
    Published Apr 10, 2019

    For those who are eager to change their careers, find new jobs or continue their education, the Competence Fair in Södertälje was an opportunity to es...

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  • The new captain of Södertälje

    Magnus Wiktorsson, Professor and new Head of the Department Sustainable Production Development.
    Published Apr 01, 2019

    By April 1, Kristina Palm will leave her position as Head of the department Sustainable Production Development and hand over to Professor Magnus Wikto...

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  • A master’s program with industrial interaction

    Published Mar 12, 2019

    In 2014, the government allocated 800 million SEK for a ten-year investment in KTH Södertälje. This year, their first master's degree program starts.

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  • Book highlights Mechanical Engineers from KTH

    Published Feb 28, 2019

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has released a new book on how mechanical engineers make the world a better place. Several res...

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  • Now the KTH sign is in place in Södertälje

    Published Nov 22, 2018

    On November 13th, staff and students had a joint opening of the KTH sign which is now in place.

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  • ITM IN THE NEWS: Internship that provides new jobs

    Monica Bellgran, Professor, Bassel Nadim, Economist and Strategist. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Nov 15, 2018

    Monica Bellgran, professor at KTH Södertälje, needed someone who could do an industry study. Bassel Nadim wanted to get into Swedish working life. The...

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