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Digitized production logistics one of the goodies at KTH conference

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Published Oct 12, 2020

If you’re curious about what is happening within the logistics area you can attend this year's digital edition of the Research & Application Conference (Forsknings- & tillämpningskonferensen). Magnus Wiktorsson at the Department of Sustainable Production Development gives tips on what’s not to be missed.

PLAN, the largest association for logistic issues in the Nordic region, arranges annualy a research and application conference, and this year they’ll host it together with KTH Södertälje. The conference brings together researchers at Swedish universities and companies who all work with production and logistics. The event takes place October 21, but like so many other events this year, the conference is digital.

Porträtt Magnus Wiktorsson
Magnus Wiktorsson thinks that the conference can attract more people now that it is online.

Magnus Wiktorsson, Head of the Department of Sustainable Production Development, is currently putting the last pieces together before the conference.

What do you hope a visitor gain from the conference?

" I think most participants are curious about what companies and researchers at other universities do in the field of logistics. We will get a nice breadth of presentations: applications in industry, healthcare, the construction sector, etc., but with some emphasis on industrial production logistics. What all have in common is how competence in logistics and production is a key to making a sustainable transition so that the industry can continue to be competitive".

What will KTH highlight?

"We have a focus on digitization as an enabler for making processes efficient and sustainable. We will show a number of examples of digitized production logistics and what effects it can have. The conference coincides with the wrap-up of a major test bed project - DigiLog  - so we will also demonstrate our lab and test bed for production logistics".

Astra and Scania have keynote speakers, what about?

"AstraZeneca presents its new group-wide program for capacity and production planning, which is being rolled out. Scania’s senior vice president of logistics, will talk about how they collaborated with KI during the pandemic, but also how important visibility and transparency in the supply chain have been during Corona. Scania will also talk about various digitization initiatives in the logistics area".

How big is the interest when the conference is digital?

"A normal conference may attract around a hundred participants, but this year there may be more thanks to the simplicity of participating remotely".

Text: Anna Gullers

About the conference Forsknings- & tillämpningskonferensen

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