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KTH Södertälje acted quickly when students got infected

Published Oct 12, 2020

Three students at KTH Södertälje have been tested positive with covid-19. The department acted immediately and switched to remote teaching.

Three courses are currently run full time distance - for a while. There are routines for how to handle this, explains Anna Jerbrant, director of education at the ITM school:

” When we receive information about a confirmed infected student, all the courses that the student is admitted to will turn into 100% distance eduction for a period of two weeks. This is to minimize the spread of infection as soon as possible. If there are laboratory work or practical parts in the course during this period, this will be undertaken afterwards.”

The infected students attended a program where the teaching already consisted of a combination of campus-based teaching and distance learning, so the transformations to a classroom-free situation easy to make.

Text: Ulrika Georgsson

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