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Race for Södertälje's preparatory year

Photo: Jonas Thorén
Published Aug 19, 2020

Many wanted to pinch one of the extra places for the Technical Preparatory Year in Södertälje. All 320 places filled up quickly, and 196 are placed on reserve.

KTH Södertälje doubles its number of students with the newly introduced distance education. In a normal year, the campus receives 280-300 new students for the various programs. Now they’ll get another 320.

The campaign in social media had extra phocus on KTH Södertälje.
300 additional students will start in August.

The government's investment in extra education places at the universities is a consequence of the corona pandemic as many jobs have disappeared. The application for the new places only opened in July and closed when the program started. During the summer, KTH launched a campaign for all KTH's preparatory years and shorter courses, where they chose to make a special effort towards the target group in Södertälje and the surrounding area. Södertälje was the only campus that got its own variations on the ads.

“It’s great that KTH and ITM can contribute to solutions when we now see a tougher labor market. We meet the need from society and give more eligibility for technology education. It feels like an important assignment and even though it’s intended to be a one-time investment, it will have long-term effects for the entire KTH, as everyone who goes to a technical prepatory year is guaranteed a place at KTH after completing this education”, Magnus Wiktorsson, Head of the Department of Sustainable Production Development in Södertälje says.

For KTH Södertälje, major changes are expected internally. To suddenly receive 300 additional students who will study at a distance with "campus meetings" offers new planning challenges. In a short time, one must also find teacher resources and make distance education work.

“ We really appreciate the great efforts made by Lärande who have done a lot of course design. In a longer perspective, it can also show how to use techniques for e-learning in an effective way”, says Magnus Wiktorsson.

Text: Anna Gullers

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