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Industrial Dependability

The strategic research in industrial dependability for operation and maintenance focuses on a wide variety of application areas from aerospace and nuclear industries to automotive and pharmaceutical industry. The demand for dependable and high precision systems is driven by the need to achieve technological and sustainable goals.

The technical goals of the research are related to improving the understanding of mechanical and physical characteristics in relation to the physical properties of the components, improving the operational performance and safety of systems working in e.g. harsh environments, and the integration of information and communication technologies ICT to implement sustainable manufacturing systems. Economic concerns include increasing equipment utilization and reducing the design and production costs as well as keeping the products flexible and adaptable. A joint economic and environmental goal is the reduction of re-work to increase sustainability.

Focus areas:

  • Advanced machinery and their subsystems operational capability and performance.
  • Industrial analytics for prognostics and health management of manufacturing assets. Combination of data-driven with knowledge-based for a hybrid physics-based analytics approaches to e.g. understand root-cause failures and predict errors before they occur.
  • Data-driven solutions for decision-making and increased manufacturing performance.

Example of our particular interest in the area of dependability applied in maintenance and operation is to bridge the gap between research in quality of manufactured components, capability of machinery and planning and executing maintenance activities. The direct benefits for society are the realization of prescriptive maintenance activities, which reduces the cost, energy and material requirements of manufacturing of products.

The research team on Industrial dependability is led by professor Andreas Archenti .

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