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Production Logistics

The flow of goods and information in a manufacturing facility is often key to an effective and efficient production system. However, production logistics are undergoing major changes. The pervasive digitization of all processes and the need for radical transformation towards an environmentally sustainable production will change the role of production logistics in the flows of goods and information. Our research into production logistics concerns both these changes.

Our research activities are concerned with (1) how new material flows for manufacturing can enable a more resilient and sustainable industry and consumption, but also with (2) how comprehensive digitalization of development and operating processes change the terms of production logistics. Cyber-physical systems and digital representation of the production logistic system are key areas for this. This work relates to how complex socio-technical systems can be described and predicted. The challenge in the field is often to balance many competing aspects to achieve an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable production system.

Focus areas:

  • Analytical applications based on a digital representation of the production logistic system. Applications for visualization, evaluation, management and development.
  • Circularity for sustainable and resilient production. Production logistic flows that create resource efficiency. Development and improvement tools.
  • Production logistics visibility. Transparency upstream and downstream, real-time information and multi-criteria models for operation and development.

The research team on production logistics is led by professor Magnus Wiktorsson .

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