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Production Management

The industrial production area is broad, multidisciplinary and encompasses many different types of issues. Our research in production management focuses primarily on the development and operation of production systems and concerns how to best organize and control different aspects of any given structure – the factory premises, machinery, materials, products and people – to be able to produce products in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

The research activities in the production management research group can be characterised to fall in the categories of:

  • Production management and strategy, focusing on different aspects of lean production like corporate lean management and lean & digitalization.
  • Resource efficient operations, where the focus is on create stable processes by efficient and digital deviation handling, as well as on research questions on the environmental part of sustainability including circular economy.
  • Industrialization & scale up, dealing with the process of industrializing a new product, going from prototype to volume production and including both established companies as well as start-ups.
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Organized this way, the group aspires to impact on the future of sustainable production by addressing issues at different levels of the production organization and decision making structure, improving preconditions for more efficient development and operations of lean and green production systems. The research is conducted in close collaboration with producing companies, both large companies like AstraZeneca and Scania, as well as SMEs.

The research team on production management is led by professor Monica Bellgran .

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