Production Management

The industrial production area is broad, multidisciplinary and encompasses many different types of issues. Our research in production management focuses primarily on the development and operation of production systems and concerns how to best organize and control different aspects of any given structure­­ – the factory premises, machinery, materials, products and people ­– to be able to produce products in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

This research is conducted in close collaboration with producing companies and their development of production systems, and involves identifying development processes and various influencing factors. In a number of research projects together with companies and other production researchers, new production systems and methods for increasing the efficiency of production have been studied. “Lean Production” and “kaikaku” (Japanese for radical change) are examples of exciting areas in innovative production development. In recent years, this field of study has expanded to include research areas such as the industrialization of new products, production location, and methods for environmental improvement work in the factory, all important topics for the manufacturing industry.

The research team on production management is led by professor Monica Bellgran .

Belongs to: Sustainable Production Development
Last changed: Oct 02, 2018