Scope and objective

C-PALS (Cyber-Physical Assembly and Logistics System) will develop offerings and software solutions for smart assembly and production logistics in automotive global supply chains. The project will research and develop a unified framework and an inter-operable platform for C-PALS as well as practical shop floor applications for end-to-end engineering and smart assembly and logistics. The consortium of manufacturing companies, technology providers, IT companies and universities in Sweden and Republic of Korea will contribute to the development and validation of four more generic industrial offerings applicable for a wider manufacturing community: (1) Integrated platform and cloud services, (2) Manufacturing big data management system, (3) Real time location services, (4) Industrial-grade connectivity solution for IoT, as well as the development of four company-specific solutions for the two manufacturing companies, possible to show as use-cases: (5) Smart Quality Control System, (6) Smart Production Control System, (7) AGV control system and (8) Production logistic centre control system.

Funding program

Eureka SMART

Project partners

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

DEXTA, South Korea

Ericsson, Sweden

H&D Wireless, Sweden

Scania CV, Sweden

Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea


01/05/2019 – 30/04/2022


Total: 2,945 M€

whereof KTH: 680 k€




Belongs to: Sustainable Production Development
Last changed: May 24, 2019