SCS Seminars

Location: Room Ada, SCS, Floor 4, Elevator A, Electrum, Kista.

Upcoming seminars

Date Speaker Title/abstract Time
2017-11-22 Fredrik Ronquist Probabilistic programming for statistical phylogenetics 11:00-12:00
2017-12-04 Keith Clark QuLog: A logic based language for engineering multi-agent applications 11:00-12:00

List over previous seminars:

Date Speaker Title/abstract Slides
20171108 Benoit Baudry Approximate Loop Unrolling: an illustration of trading accuracy for energy B.Baudry (pdf 1,3 MB)
20171025 Henrik Boström Conformal Prediction H. Boström (pdf 1,1 MB)
20170920 Elias Castegren Relaxed Linear References for Lock-Free Data Structures  
20170913 Ahsan J. Awan Near Data Processing Architectures: Opportunities and Challenges for Big Data Analytics  
20170615 Miguel Correia Cloud File System Security and Dependability with SafeCloud-FS Miguel Correia.pdf (pdf 4,3 MB)
20170607 Masoumeh (Azin) Ebrahimi EbDa: A New Theory on Design and Verification of Deadlock-free ​​​​​​​Interconnection Networks (to appear in ISCA 2017)  
20170531 Magnus Boman Learning Machines for Clinical Applications M. Boman.pdf (pdf 1,6 MB)
20170503 Jana Tumova, Assistant Professor, KTH Formal methods-based robot task and motion planning  


Edward A. Lee, UC Berkeley Resurrecting Laplace's Demon: The Case for Deterministic Models E.A.Lee.pdf (pdf 3,6 MB)
20170420 Dr. David Black-Schaffer, Uppsala University Making Memory Systems Efficient  

Trevor E. Carlson, Uppsala University 

Memory Level Parallelism: An Overlooked Path to Processor Efficiency  
20170126 Professor Walid Taha, Halmstad University Rigorous simulation  
20161130 Professor Peter J. Stuckey, University of Melbourne Laziness is next to Godliness  


Konstantinos Koukos, Postdoc, KTH Code transformations for energy efficiency; a decoupled access-execute approach K. Koukos (pdf 5,1 MB)
20161003 Dr. Lydia Chen More or Less: Ensuring Tail Performance by Speculation and Approximation  
20160823 Danilo Montesi Social Media Investigations using Shared Photos  
20160622 Kambiz Ghoorchian Large Scale Topic Detection using Node-Cut Partitioning on Dense Weighted Graphs K.Ghoorchian.pdf (pdf 5,0 MB)
20160608 Gabriel Hjort Blindell Universal Instruction Selection  
20160601 Thomas Schön Deep reinforcement learning and an integral

T.Schön ​​​​​​​

20160525 Frank McSherry Explaining the outputs of modern data analytics F.McSherry.pdf (pdf 1,5 MB)
20160523 Boris Grot Turbocharging Rack-Scale In-Memory Computing with Scale-Out NUMA  
20160518 Mads Dam Provably secure virtualization  
20160504 Leif Jonsson Applied Machine Learning in Large Scale Software Development Organisations  
20160420 Muhammad Anis Uddin Nasir Load Balancing in Stream Processing Systems A.Nasir.pptx (pptx 3,9 MB)
20160330 Roberto Guanciale Cache Storage Channels: Alias-Driven Attacks R.Guanciale.pdf (pdf 631 kB)
20160224 Abu Naser Masud Static Analysis techniques for inferring program properties  
20160127 Li Shuo System-Level Architectural Hardware Synthesis for Digital Signal Processing Sub-Systems  
20151109 Willy Zwaenepoel Analytics on Graphs with a Trillion Edges  
20151109  Avi Mendelson

Power aware scheduling for heterogeneous systems

20151109 Georgi Gaydadjiev

Computing in Space with OpenSPL

20151028 Cecilia Zanni-Merk Knowledge Technologies for Problem Solving in Engineering  
20151028 Alexandra Jimborean

A compiler automated decoupled access-execute approach

20151019 Peter Van Roy

Selective Hearing: An Approach to Distributed, Eventually Consistent Edge Computation

20150820 Ahsan Awan

Performance Characterization of In-Memory Data Analytics on Scale-up Servers

A.Awan.pdf (pdf 2,7 MB)
20150528 John C. Eidson Time Synchronization over Networks, IEEE 1588 and Applications J.Eidson.pdf (pdf 6,1 MB)


Vasiliki Kalavri Experiences from working with large graphs at Telefonica Research  
20150423 Artur Posobas Improving performance of parallel OpenMP programs A.Podobas.pdf (pdf 3,2 MB)


Lars Bonnichsen

BT-trees - Designing for Hardware Transactional Memory

L.Bonnichsen.pdf (pdf 264 kB)


Philipp Haller Towards Safe Large-Scale Concurrent and Distributed Programming P.Haller.pdf (pdf 4,4 MB)
20150305 Peter Van Roy & Christopher Meiklejohn Lasp: a language for eventually consistent distributed programming with CRDTs  
20150212 Jim Dowling The Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service (Hops) J.Dowling.pdf (pdf 1,5 MB)
20150128 Roberto Castañeda Lozano Optimal Offset Assignment R.C.Lozano.pdf (pdf 161 kB)
20141204 David Broman Time-Aware Correct-By-Construction Systems Design D.Broman.pdf (pdf 9,3 MB)
20141120 Gabriel Hjort Blindell Synthesizing Code for GPGPUs from Abstract Formal Models G.H.Blindell.pdf (pdf 506 kB)
20141106 Björn Lisper SWEET - a Tool for WCET Flow Analysis B.Lisper.pdf (pdf 206 kB)
20141030 Christian Schulte Rethinking Code Generation in Compilers C.Schulte.pdf (pdf 1,2 MB)
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