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Book highlights Mechanical Engineers from KTH

Published Feb 28, 2019

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has released a new book on how mechanical engineers make the world a better place. Several researchers and alumni from KTH's ITM School are represented in it.

Maskinboken cover image

The book, entitled "Om hur maskiningenjören gör världen bättre" (About how the Mechanical Engineer makes the world better), has been developed by IVA in collaboration with a number of universities and individual researchers.

"In the current context characterized by major social changes, the book is more important than ever," says Monica Bellgran, Professor in Industrial Production Management at KTH campus in Södertälje, and Chairman of Division I, Mechanical Engineering at IVA.

KTH participates in the book at several pages.

Read the book online here (in Swedish)