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Ph.D. Student of INDEK will participate in Nordic open data workshop

Published Aug 14, 2015

, Ph.D. Student at Entrepreneurship and Innovation (supervisor Terrence Brown), is invited to participate at Nordic open data workshop on 20th of August 2015 in Denmark organized by Lighthouse Projects of Innovative Nordic digital solutions, as one of five in the Nordic cooperation program for innovation and industry 2014-2017 (see the full program here: ). Program and lighthouse projects are developed by the Nordic ministers for industry in the Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Co-operation Program for Innovation and Business Policy addresses challenges that the Nordic region will face in the future.
Around 25 workshop participants  are invited from Nordic Innovation Agencies, Open Knowledge, National Digitization Boards, Hack for Sweden / Norway, Slush, Apps for Europe and more, to discuss Nordic open data. 

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Last changed: Aug 14, 2015