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Highest percentage of female candidates of all engineering programs in Sweden!

Published Apr 24, 2013

Applications for fall semester 2013 has closed and application statistics are published.

Some excerpts from the statistics that demonstrate the large number of female candidates in civilengeneering program industrial economics at KTH:

The Master of Science in Engineering programme, Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH has the highest percentage of first-choice female applicants - and female applicants in total - in Sweden of Industrial Economics degree courses, before Chalmers, Lund and Linköping

Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH has the most female applicants in absolute terms of all Sweden's engineering programmes.

(source: UHR Antagningsstatistik 2013)

The programme makes a huge increase with the proportion of female applicants, that raises from 29% to 35%

There might be as high as 40% admitted female applicants, a big improvement over last years 31%

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Last changed: Apr 24, 2013