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Indek professor in lead for scientific direction of future European air transportation research

Published Jun 05, 2012
Lena Mårtensson
Lena Mårtensson, Professor Emerita

Flights in Europe will double by 2030. The SESAR programme is the operational and technological answer to this challenge. SESAR stands for Single European Sky Air Traffic Management  Research and is a 2,1 billion public/private partnership bringing together 2.500 people working on more than 300 projects in Europe and beyond ( ).

The executive director of SESAR, Mr Patrique Ky appointed in 2009 the SESAR Scientific Committee with ten European professors to give him advice on scientific matters ( - Key players – committee).

Professor Lena Mårtensson, member of the committee from the start, has now been elected the vice chair of the Scientific Committee. She will be the chair of the Scientific Committee for 2013. In addition she has been asked by SESAR to organize the yearly conference SESAR Innovation Days  in November 2013 at KTH.

Professor Lena Mårtensson has been the head of the division of industrial work science at Indek and the School of Industrial Management and Engineering. She is Professor Emerita since autumn 2011.  She has carried out human factors aviation research since the Gottröra accident in 1991.

Her colleagues in the aviation research are Associate Professor  Pernilla Ulfvengren and Dr Fredrik Barchéus, now at SAAB Group. Currently two VINNOVA projects, two EU-projects (MASCA and PROSPERO) and one research network, HALA, are on-going aviation research activities in the industrial work science division.

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