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Lucia Crevani receives 1,95m sek research grant from Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish research counsil)

Published Nov 05, 2012

Teacher and researcher Lucia Crevani from Department of Industrial Economics and Management has received a research grant from Vetenskapsrådet and will study entrepreneurial practices with an intersectional perspective within the outdoors equipment and clothing sector.
The research grant is in the general call for Humanities and Social Sciences.

The name of the project is:  Genuinely Swedish - An intersectional analysis of entrepreneurship practices in the outdoor clothing and equipment sector

Short project description:

Entrepreneurship has assumed importance and resources are dedicated to stimulate entrepreneurial activities. Still, there is preoccupation for those groups that often do not participate to the same extent as others to entrepreneurial projects and/or end up confined in  ́entrepreneurial ghettos ́, that is women and people belonging to minorities. It is thus crucial to develop knowledge on entrepreneurial processes looking at dynamics of inclusion and exclusion. And to problematize the dominant discourse on entrepreneurship which is individualistic, masculine, ethnocentric. Hence, this project answers the call for studies with a social constructionist stance and a process view of entrepreneurship and focuses on the practices in which entrepreneurship is performed, in particular concentrating on how entrepreneurship is performed at the intersection of the doing of categories as gender, ethnicity, class, body-abledness (a term itself problematic), sexual orientation, age. An ethnography-inspired method will be used. Also, the focus is not, as often the case with a critical perspective, on  ́the minority ́ doing entrepreneurship. Rather, I focus on an apparently successful sector in Sweden that is tightly connected with the doing of the norm for gender, ethnicity, body abledness, class, sexual orientation and age: the outdoor clothing and equipment sector. This study will thus make visible how norms are performed and mobilized, and how they intersect with entrepreneurial processes.

Belongs to: Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: Nov 05, 2012