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Natural gas deposits in Sweden?

Published May 14, 2012

More than 370 million years ago the Dalarna area was hit by meteorite. Siljan Ring impact crater with the deep faults formed under crater down to 35-40 km was born.

Adjunct Professor Vladimir Kutcherov thinks that the Siljan Ring crater zone is a prospective object for hydrocarbons accumulation, mainly methane accumulation. Methane (probably mantle origin) coming from the depth through deep faults could be accumulated in the rock layer on the depth of 500-1000 m.

This is not an academic suggestion only. On the basis of Vladimir Kutcherov’s recommendations the first productive well was drilled by the Swedish company Igrene AB  in Mora in August 2011.

Vetenskapens Värld has presented one intersrting program dealing with new Dalarna project. Vladimir took part in this program ( How big are the natural gas resources in Dalarna? Where is the main location of the deposits? Answers these and some other questions will probably be found within several months as a result of investigation program conducting the international team of researchers.

Here you can watch the program in full:

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Last changed: May 14, 2012