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Newly admitted students in the I-program do missions for charity

Published Sep 02, 2013

This year’s newly admitted students in the master of science program, Industrial engineering and management, received the task of during one afternoon last week develop a business idea and based on it together gather as much money as possible.

All of the money was then given to the organization Help to Help who pays school fees for students in Tanzania. The competing teams collected a total of 19,342 SEK in just under four hours.

Malin Cronqvist from the organization Help to Help is very pleased with the outcome, and says that: "Great event, incredibly good response from the students and they collected an amount that we could never have imagined. 19 342 SEK is enough money to pay the tuition for a Bachelor degree in Tanzania. A Bachelor for 3.5 hour of work by students in Sweden - wonderful"

Belongs to: Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: Sep 02, 2013