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KTH Center of Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship to co-host Human-Centered Business event at INDEK

Published Mar 04, 2016

The KTH Center of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (including Terrence Brown, Gregg Vanourek and Ali Mohammadi from INDEK) will co-host the Human-Centered Business Index 2016 event at KTH (March 15 breakfast event at INDEK at Plattan, 7:30 – 10:00). The event is created and run by Lumen Behavior, supported by other organizations, and will have notable guest speakers, panelists, and networking related to the themes of purpose, empathy, innovation, systems thinking, and resilience. It will feature organizations at the forefront of the next wave in sustainability.

For more information and (free) tickets, see here:   

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Last changed: Mar 04, 2016