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Giampiero Salvi on Crosstalks

Published Dec 02, 2013

The next episode of Crosstalks will take place this Wednesday, 4th Dec at 18:00 CET at KTH (Nymble). Giampiero Salvi will participate and discuss "The power of the human voice". Crosstalks is an international talk show that is broadcasted live through the web. Researchers and students have a chance to participate on site, via Skype or Twitter.

Giampiero Salvi, Associate Professor at the department for Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH


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The power of the human voice

How humans communicate is gaining importance in an ever-increasing pace of information flow. But have new technologies affected the way we interact in a way that could be negative for us in the long run? What can we learn from how children learn to talk and are there much more efficient ways of communicating than what we apply today?

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