Membership and statutes

The statutes of the association can be downloaded here Statutes IGSHPA SWEDEN (pdf 140 kB)

Members in IGSHPA Sweden obtain membership benefits according IGSHPAs member categories. Information about current prices and what is included in the membership can be found below.

Access to the magazine GEO-Outlook  in paper form (this magazine is open for everyone in digital format) and to the international forum IGSHPA Connect   are two ways of keeping updated and networking with the ground source heat pump world. 

Besides all member benefits, members of IGSHPA Sweden sponsor and obtain a preferential access to our Geoenergy classroom  for holding meetings and courses related to ground source heat pumps. This room is an investment in our ground source heat pump market that we all can contribute to. Building solid bridges between the academy and the GSHP industry is our goal!

We at KTH Energy Technology participate, monitor and share information about ongoing research and activities in the academy and the industry. Our Geoenergy Team  constantly strives for bringing our students and researchers in closer contact with real applications. We believe IGSHPA Sweden is a fantastic channel for building bridges between the academy and the industry. 

Membership levels encompass the entire spectrum of the industry, from individuals to manufacturers. All dues paying corporate, business and individual members have a vote in the association, regardless of their membership level.

Standard membership benefits:

  • Membership ID card and certificate
  • A free subscription to the digital Geo-Outlook
  • Member discounts on conferences and seminars
  • Discounts on publications and trainings
  • Access to members-only section of the IGSHPA web site
  • Free subscription to IGSHPA Connect community forum
  • Access to Geoenergy classroom

Types of IGSHPA Sweden memberships:

  • Individual Member (Non Certified Professional)
  • Large Corporate
  • Small Corporate
  • Business

Individual membership costs 1250 SEK and is linked to a private person and tied to individual name willing to be active in IGSHPA Sweden. Moreover, all individual members have a vote in the association.

Corporate/ business memberships are not tied to individual names and are transferrable as needed within the company structure of ­the dues paying organization, in case of staff shuffling or similar situations. More information regarding different corporate/business membership options can be found in table below.

Membership Type

Large Corporate

Small Corporate


  • Company >100 employees
  • Utility provider >10000m
  • Company <100 employees
  • Utility provider <10000m
  • Any business related to GSHP
  • University, school, non-profit entity

4 votes

1 designate

3 alternate

3 votes

1 designate

2 alternate

2 votes

1 designate

1 alternate

Annual Dues

14300 SEK

6400 SEK

4200 SEK

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