SFDD for Heat Pumps

The present project is the first official research project in Sweden which aims at designing a generic solution for Smart Fault Detection and Diagnosis in heat pump systems.

Accomplishment of several research projects concerning the optimization and improvement of heat pumps together with development of a generic model of heat pump systems have provided a great opportunity for us to design a comprehensive Fault Detection and Diagnosis system for heat pumps.

The project aims at:

1. Making a comprehensive database of the most common faults during the installation and operation processes.

2. Designing a smart fault detection and diagnosis system at three different phases: commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

During the commissioning phase the SFDD system does the first system check a short time right after installation to ensure the manufacturer that the system is installed correctly and operates properly. At this phase, the SFDD system finds installation errors, incorrectly sized equipment, control errors, undercharge and overcharge conditions and so on.

During normal operation phase the SFDD system detects any performance degradation and faults during the operation to avoid poor performance of the system due to minor problems, unnecessary visual inspections, and small faults which can lead to serious system failure.

During eventual maintenance, the FDD system simplifies and speeds up fault diagnosis or guidance during service in order to avoid unnecessary component replacements, minimize the maintenance cost, and reduce down-time.