New reports on the economics of solar PV in Sweden

Publicerad 2016-04-14

Solar photovoltaics (PV) installations are growing around the world and are increasingly in the news. Even in Sweden, the rate of installations has been doubling the past few years. To help inform people about installing PV in their building, KTH Energy Technology has two new reports out regarding solar PV systems (PV) in Sweden. The target building type is multi-family housing, however many of the concepts are applicable to other types of buildings and solar energy in general.

The full length report is in English and takes a detailed look at many technical, economic, and political issues. A shorter handbook has also been published in Swedish to give home owners and boards of directors in cooperatives an introduction to the key factors they should know when considering a PV system installation. The Excel-based tool used to make the economic calculations is also available for download and can help during the early design phase. More information about the project and all documents can be downloaded from the project homepage: Solcellar på tak av bostadrättsföreningar

The reports are the result of three years of research funded by The Swedish Research Council Formas (2012-256) and was made in conjunction with the departments of Architectural Engineering and Real Estate Management in the KTH School of Architecture and Built Environment. Support also came from Riksbyggen and Sustainable Innovation.

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