Application to BSc or MSc thesis project in Cuba

BSc or MSc thesis project in Cuba

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BSc or MSc thesis project in Cuba – spring 2019

Two Linnaeus-Palme scholarships are available for doing the thesis project at Universidad Central de Las Villas (UCLV) in Santa Cara, Cuba.

The two scholarships are intended for two students who study on an Energy Technology program at KTH, to do the BSc thesis (KEX) or MSc thesis.
Both students are expected to work on the same project.
Below, two short project alternatives are described. When students have been selected, they shall elaborate the chosen project description together with the supervisor in UCLV.

Project descriptions:


Title: Energy scheme proposal for small sugar mills for maximum electricity generation and bagasse saving during harvesting season, case study Carlos Baliño.

Several project have been performed in the sugar Mill Carlos Baliño in order to evaluate the best achievable energy performance under the current energy scheme. Previous analyses show that energy efficiency under the current scheme is very limited and that a technological update can bring many opportunities, including an increase of electricity generation and bagasse saving that could be sold to others near sugar mills that are being designed for electricity generation all year round.

Assess current energy performance of the Sugar Mill Carlos Baliño. Evaluate the best possible energy performance under the current energy scheme. Propose a new energy sheme in order to maximise the electricity generation and bagasse saving. Perform a comparative analysis of the current energy performance, the best possible under the curren energy scheme and the new energy scheme proposal. Analyze from economical and enviromental point of the oportunity of the proposal.


Title: Thermodynamic and economic evaluation of hybridization biomass-solar for a small cogeneration power plant: case study Carlos Baliño

Hybridization biomass-solar could be an opportunity for the energy self-sufficient in Cuba. A previous analysis about the potential of the hybridization was performed in 2017 for the sugar mill Carlos Baliño. However, several alternatives to evaluate the opportunity of the hybridization in this small sugar mill was out of the scope of the previous analysis. For example a comparative analysis of the solar collector that could be used in order to reduce the cost, e.g. parabolic through collector vs Fresnel collector. A comparative analysis could include the evaluation of the use of thermal storage to increase the utilization factor of the solar field.


To perform a comparative analysis of the alternative for hybridization solar-biomass at Carlos Baliño sugar mill, including parabolic through collector vs Fresnel collector as well as the convenience of the thermal storage. Analyze from economic and environmental point the hybridization proposal alternatives.

Each scholarships is SEK 20.000 for travelling, accommodation, living expenses and visa. No additional funding is available from KTH or the Linneaus-Palme programme.

There is a requirement to spend 10 weeks with the host university, preferably March-May or a bit earlier.

Supervision will mainly be performed by the local supervisor at UCLV, Prof. Idalberto Herrera or an appointed colleague.

Main supervisor at KTH is Assoc. Prof. Anders Malmquist, Dept. of Energy Technology.

Local supervision is in English, but at least one of the scholarship holders should have at least basic knowledge in Spanish.

Team up with a fellow student and make a joint application on the latest 2017-10-05 to Anders Malmquist (

Include CV, Transcripts of academic results and indicate the preferred project alternative (project 1 or 2 above).

For more information, please contact Anders Malmquist (

PS. For the selected students, a preparation seminar is offered free-of charge on 8-9 November 2018 at Sida Partnership Forum, Härnösand. NB. Limited number of participants. A travel grant for participating in this event can be applied for, according to instructions that will be given to the selected students.

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