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Refereegranskade artiklar vid Industriell Ekonomi och Organisation sen 2008 i urval från DIVA.

Författare Titel År
Hetemi, Ermal ; Jerbrant, Anna ; Ordieres Mere, Joaquin Exploring the emergence of lock-in in large-scale projects: A process view 2020
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Halldin, Torbjörn Born globals – presence, performance and prospects 2019
Shao, Jing ; Unal, Enes What do consumers value more in green purchasing?: Assessing the sustainability practices from demand side of business 2019
Baum, Christopher F. ; Lööf, Hans ; Nabavi, Pardis Innovation strategies, external knowledge and productivity growth 2019
Lapko, Yulia (et al.) In pursuit of closed-loop supply chains for critical materials:: An exploratory study in the green energy sector 2019
Dabirian, Amir ; Paschen, Jeannette ; Kietzmann, Jan Employer Branding: Understanding Employer Attractiveness of IT Companies 2019
Flostrand, Andrew ; Eriksson, Theresa ; Brown, Terrence E. Better together-Harnessing motivations for energy utility crowdsourcing activities 2019
Ünal, Enes ; Shao, Jing A taxonomy of circular economy implementation strategies for manufacturing firms: Analysis of 391 cradle-to-cradle products 2019
van den Besselaar, Peter ; Sandström, Ulf Measuring researcher independence using bibliometric data: A proposal for a new performance indicator 2019
Ünal, Enes ; Urbinati, Andrea ; Chiaroni, Davide Managerial practices for designing circular economy business models The case of an Italian SME in the office supply industry 2019
Brown, James R. ; Martinsson, Gustav Does Transparency Stifle or Facilitate Innovation? 2019
Feldmann, Andreas ; Olhager, Jan A taxonomy of international manufacturing networks 2019
Thorén, Kent ; Vendel, Martin Backcasting as a strategic management tool for meeting VUCA challenges 2019
Broström, Anders Academic breeding grounds: Home department conditions and early career performance of academic researchers 2019
Ünal, Enes (et al.) Value Creation in Circular Business Models: The case of a US small medium enterprise in the building sector 2019
Maffei, Antonio ; Grahn, Sten ; Nuur, Cali Characterization of the impact of digitalization on the adoption of sustainable business models in manufacturing 2019
Bäcklander, Gisela Doing Complexity Leadership Theory: How agile coaches at Spotify practice enabling leadership 2019
Bäcklander, Gisela (et al.) Navigating the Activity Based Working Environment – Relationships of Self-Leadership, Autonomy and Information Richness with Cognitive Stress and Performance 2019
Åsberg, Per ; Uggla, Henrik Introducing multi-dimensional brand architecture: taking structure, market orientation and stakeholder alignment into account 2019
du Preez, Rose ; Bendixen, Michael Outsourcing contact centers: internal branding challenges and consequences 2019
Serovaiskii, A. Yu. ; Kolesnikov, A. Yu. ; Kutcherov, Vladimir G. Formation of Iron Hydride and Iron Carbide from Hydrocarbon Systems at Ultra-High Thermobaric Conditions 2019
Arvidsson, Niklas ; Jonsson, Sara ; Snickare, Lotta The transaction-relationship paradox 2019
Siciliano, Giuseppina (et al.) Environmental justice and Chinese dam-building in the global South 2019
Astebro, Thomas (et al.) Academic Entrepreneurship: The Bayh-Dole Act versus the Professor's Privilege 2019
Bäcklander, Gisela To see or not to see: Importance of sensemaking in employee self-direction 2019
Riberio Da Silva, Elias Hans Dener ; Angelis, Jannis ; Pinheiro de Lima, Edson In pursuit of Digital Manufacturing 2019
Thorén, Kent Corporate entrepreneurship in SMEs, an evaluation of venture level success factors 2019
Pitt, Christine (et al.) How employees engage with B2B brands on social media: Word choice and verbal tone 2019
Broström, Anders ; Feldmann, Andreas ; Kaulio, Matti A. Structured relations between higher education institutions and external organisations: opportunity or bureaucratisation? 2019
Sayem, Ahmed ; Feldmann, Andreas ; Ortega, Miguel Investigating the influence of network-manufacturing capabilities to the phenomenon of reshoring: An insight from three case studies 2019
Braunerhjelm, Pontus (et al.) Konkurrens, selektion och entreprenöriellt lärande – Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research till Boyan Jovanovic 2019
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Eklund, Johan ; Thulin, Per Taxes, the tax adminstrative burden and the entrepreneurial life cycle 2019
Minniti, Maria (et al.) Boyan Jovanovic: recipient of the 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2019
Ribeiro da Silva, E. H. D. (et al.) Reviewing digital manufacturing concept in the Industry 4.0 paradigm 2019
Blair, Amanda ; Key, Thomas Martin ; Wilson, Matthew Crowdsourcing to manage service gaps in service networks 2019
Dabhilkar, Mandar ; Svarts, Anna From general to specialty hospitals: operationalising focus in healthcare operations 2019
Dabirian, Amir ; Berthon, Pierre ; Kietzmann, Jan Enticing the IT crowd: employer branding in the information economy 2019
Paschen, Jeannette ; Kietzmann, Jan ; Kietzmann, Tim Christian Artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for market knowledge in B2B marketing 2019
Nyström, Kristina Working for an entrepreneur: heaven or hell? 2019
Asplund, Fredrik ; Ulfvengren, Pernilla Work functions shaping the ability to innovate: insights from the case of the safety engineer 2019
Chipp, Kerry ; Carter, Marcus ; Chiba, Manoj Through the Pyramid: Implications of interconnectedness in Africa 2019
Chipp, Kerry ; Williams, Patricia ; Lindgreen, Adam Value-in-Acquisition: An institutional view 2019
Chipp, Kerry ; Mkwanazi, Penny ; Kapelianis, Dimitri Ukukhothana: Conspicuous consumption and destruction in an emerging economy 2019
Jocevski, Milan (et al.) Transitions towards omni-channel retailing strategies: a business model perspective 2019
Jocevski, Milan Interconnected business models: Present debates and future agenda 2019
Pasichnyi, Oleksii (et al.) Energy performance certificates — New opportunities for data-enabled urban energy policy instruments? 2019
Pasichnyi, Oleksii (et al.) Data-driven strategic planning of building energy retrofitting: The case of Stockholm 2019
Lokatt, Erika (et al.) An interprofessional perspective on healthcare work: physicians and nurses co-constructing identities and spaces of action 2019
Fagerlind, Therese (et al.) The distribution of sustainability decision-making in manufacturing networks 2019
Toscani, Giulio ; Prendergast, Gerard Arts Sponsorship Versus Sports Sponsorship: Which Is Better for Marketing Strategy? 2019
Larsson, Johan P. ; Thulin, Per Independent by necessity? The life satisfaction of necessity and opportunity entrepreneurs in 70 countries 2019
Serovaiskii, Aleksandr (et al.) Fate of Hydrocarbons in Iron-Bearing Mineral Environments during Subduction 2019
Nevzorova, Tatiana ; Kutcherov, Vladimir G. Barriers to the wider implementation of biogas as a source of energy: A state-of-the-art review 2019
Levihn, Fabian (et al.) Introducing BECCS through HPC to the research agenda: The case of combined heat and power in Stockholm 2019
Wang, Qi A Bibliometric Model for Identifying Emerging Research Topics 2018
Ekman, Marianne ; Lindgren, Monica ; Packendorff, Johann Universities need leadership, academics need management: discursive tensions and voids in the deregulation of Swedish higher education legislation 2018
Korhonen, Jouni (et al.) Circular economy as an essentially contested concept 2018
Nuur, Cali ; Gustavsson, Linda ; Laestadius, Staffan Capability creation in the natural resource-based sector: experiences from Swedish mining 2018
Mohammadi, Ali ; Shafi, Kourosh Gender differences in the contribution patterns of equity-crowdfunding investors 2018
Lashgari, Maryam (et al.) Adoption Strategies of Social Media in B2B: A Multiple Case Study Approach 2018
Lönnqvist, Tomas (et al.) Large-scale biogas generation in Bolivia – a stepwise reconfiguration 2018
Dwaikat, Nidal Yousef (et al.) How does information sharing affect first-tier suppliers' flexibility?: Evidence from the automotive industry in Sweden 2018
Pitt, Christine (et al.) Emotions and sentiment: An exploration of artist websites 2018
Olhager, Jan ; Feldmann, Andreas Distribution of manufacturing strategy decision-making in multi-plant networks 2018
Urciuoli, Luca ; Hintsa, Juha Improving supply chain risk management –can additional data help? 2018
Treen, E. (et al.) Exploring emotions on wine websites: finding joy 2018
Carvalho, Ines (et al.) Women at the Top of Tourism Organizations: Views from the glass roof 2018
Nyström, Kristina Entrepreneurship after displacement 2018
Högfeldt, Anna-Karin (et al.) Leading the teacher team - balancing between formal and informal power in program leadership 2018
Visnjic, Ivanka ; Neely, Andy ; Jovanovic, Marin The path to outcome delivery: Interplay of service market strategy and open business models 2018
Pelet, Jean-Eric (et al.) Winery website loyalty: the role of sales promotion and service attributes 2018
Pitt, Christine (et al.) Employee brand engagement on social media: Managing optimism and commonality 2018
Karakaya, Emrah ; Nuur, Cali ; Assbring, Linda Potential transitions in the iron and steel industry in Sweden: Towards a hydrogen-based future? 2018
Lashgari, Maryam (et al.) Adoption strategies of social media in B2B firms: a multiple case study approach 2018
Nyström, Kristina Regional resilience to displacements 2018
Törnblom, Oskar ; Stålne, Kristian ; Kjellström, Sofia Analyzing roles and leadership in organizations from cognitive complexity and meaning-making perspectives 2018
Törnblom, Oskar Managing complexity in organizations: Analyzing and discussing a managerial perspective on the nature of organizational leadership 2018
Farshid, Mana (et al.) Go boldly! Explore augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) for business 2018
Kaulio, Matti A. A psychological contract perspective on project networks 2018
Urciuoli, Luca The risk of standards proliferation – An analysis of differences between private and public transport standards 2018
Urban, Frauke ; Nordensvärd, Johan Low Carbon Energy Transitions in the Nordic Countries: Evidence from the Environmental Kuznets Curve 2018
Karakaya, Emrah ; Nuur, Cali Social sciences and the mining sector: some insights into recent research trends 2018
Vigar-Ellis, Debbie ; Mattison Thompson, F. The effect of wine knowledge type on variety seeking behavior in wine purchasing 2018
Pitt, Christine ; Mulvey, Michael ; Kietzmann, Jan Quantitative insights from online qualitative data: An example from the health care sector 2018
Van Den Besselaar, P. ; Sandström, Ulf Quantity matters, but how does it work? 2018
Stefan, Ioana ; Niesten, Eva Embracing the paradox of inter-organisational value co-creation – value capture: A literature review towards paradox resolution 2018
Nyström, Kristina When students are allowed to choose: grading scale choices for degree projects 2018
Hårsman, Björn ; Mattsson, Lars-Göran ; Hovsepyan, Vardan The income return to entrepreneurship: theoretical model and outcomes for Swedish regions 2018
Yasmin, Mahgoub ; Arvidsson, Niklas Emergence of a Digital Platform BasedDisruptive Mobile Payments Service 2018
Sinha, Vikash Kumar ; Arena, Marika Manifold Conceptions of the Internal Auditing of Risk Culture in the Financial Sector 2018
Ravulakollu, Anil Kumar (et al.) Risk based framework for assessing resilience in a complex multi-actor supply chain domain 2018
Hårsman, Björn ; Mattsson, Lars-Göran ; Hovsepyan, Vardan Correction to: The income return to entrepreneurship: theoretical model and outcomes for Swedish regions 2018
Ahlin, Lina ; Andersson, Martin ; Thulin, Per Human capital sorting: The "when" and "who" of the sorting of educated workers to urban regions 2018
Wang, Yawei (et al.) Comparing the Technology Trajectories of Solar PV and Solar Water Heaters in China: Using a Patent Lens 2018
Ammenberg, J. (et al.) Biogas in the transport sector—actor and policy analysis focusing on the demand side in the Stockholm region 2018
Källner, Emelie ; Nyström, Kristina Entrepreneurial Motivation and Idea Generation by Displaced Employees 2018
Kucheev, Yury ; Sörensson, Tomas The seasonality in sell-side analysts’ recommendations 2018
Sandström, Ulf ; Van den Besselaar, Peter Funding, evaluation, and the performance of national research systems 2018
McMullan, Kylie Smart art: Whistler, British Columbia's brand transition to include arts and culture 2018
Okwir, Simon (et al.) Performance Measurement and Management Systems: A Perspective from Complexity Theory 2018
Åsberg, Per A dualistic view of brand portfolios: the company's versus the customers' view 2018
Sabri, Yasmine ; Micheli, Guido JL ; Nuur, Cali Exploring the impact of innovation implementation on supply chain configuration 2018
van den Besselaar, Peter ; Sandström, Ulf ; Schiffbaenker, Hélène Studying grant decision-making: a linguistic analysis of review reports 2018
Feldmann, Andreas ; Sayem, Ahmed ; Ortega-Mier, Miguel Coordination in International Manufacturing: The Role of Competitive Priorities and the Focus of Globally Dispersed Facilities 2018
Etemady Qeshmy, Danial (et al.) Managing Human Errors: Augmented Reality systems as a tool in the quality journey 2018
Wilson, Matthew Where is the power in numbers?: Understanding firm and consumer power when crowdsourcing 2018
Manca, Claudia (et al.) Collaborative workplaces for innovation in service companies: barriers and enablers for supporting new ways of working 2018
Kucheev, Yury ; Sorensson, Tomas The seasonality in sell-side analysts’ recommendations 2017
Angelis, Jannis ; Velikanov, Ivan ; Macintyre, Mairi Product service transitions in reverse 2017
Angelis, Jannis (et al.) Developing a maturity framework for sustainable operations management 2017
Miterev, Maxim ; Mancini, Mauro ; Turner, Rodney Towards a design for the project-based organization 2017
Okwir, Simon (et al.) Managing turnaround performance through Collaborative Decision Making 2017
Gustafsson, Claes ; Lindahl, Marcus Improvisation: An emergence theory perspective 2017
Lönnqvist, Tomas ; Grönkvist, Stefan ; Sandberg, Thomas Forest-derived methane in the Swedish transport sector: A closing window? 2017
Miterev, Maxim ; Turner, Rodney ; Mancini, Mauro The organization design perspective on the project-based organization: a structured review 2017
Pelet, J. -É (et al.) Don’t believe the hype: a grounded exploratory six country wine purchasing study 2017
Svarts, Anna Healthcare managers' perception of economies of scale 2017
Machado, Carla Gonsalves (et al.) Framing maturity based on sustainable operations management principles 2017
Pitt, Christine Sarah ; Treen, Emily Understanding communication in disaster response: A marketing strategy formulation and implementation perspective 2017
Temiz, Serdar ; Brown, Terrence Open data project for e-government: Case study of Stockholm open data project 2017
Uppvall, Lars ; Blomkvist, Pär ; Bergqvist, William Opening the black box of collaborative writing: experiences from a teamwork-based course in industrial management 2017
Du Preez, Rose ; Bendixen, M. ; Abratt, R. The behavioral consequences of internal brand management among frontline employees 2017
Blair, Amanda (et al.) Assessing brand equity in the luxury wine market by exploiting tastemaker scores 2017
Birkie, Seyoum Eshetu ; Trucco, Paolo ; Kaulio, Matti Sustaining performance under operational turbulence: the role of lean in engineer-to-order operations 2017
Kucheev, Yury ; Ruiz, Felipe ; Sörensson, Tomas Do Stars Shine? Comparing the Performance Persistence of Star Sell-Side Analysts Listed by Institutional Investor, the Wall Street Journal, and StarMine 2017
Du Preez, Rose Internal branding experiences in the financial services sector in South Africa 2017
Van Den Besselaar, Peter ; Heyman, Ulf ; Sandström, Ulf Do observations have any role in science policy studies? A reply 2017
Van Den Besselaar, Peter ; Heyman, Ulf ; Sandström, Ulf Perverse effects of output-based research funding? Butler's Australian case revisited 2017
Ramirez-Portilla, Andres ; Cagno, Enrico ; Brown, Terrence E. Open innovation in specialized SMEs: the case of supercars 2017
Fagerberg, J. ; Laestadius, Staffan ; Martin, B. R. The role of innovation policy in simultaneously addressing economic, environmental and governance challenges 2017
Berglund, Karin ; Lindgren, Monica ; Packendorff, Johann Responsibilising the next generation: Fostering the enterprising self through de-mobilising gender 2017
Pilhofer, Katharina ; Holgersson, Charlotte Diversity at Work-The Practice of Inclusion 2017
Vella, J. ; Wallström, Å. ; Farshid, Mana Financial services Apps: What makes the difference between a great and a ghastly review? 2017
Sabri, Yasmine ; Micheli, Guido J.L. ; Nuur, Cali How Do Different Supply Chain Configuration Settings Impact on Performance Trade-Offs? 2017
Brown, Terrence Sensor-based entrepreneurship: A framework for developing new products and services 2017
Levihn, Fabian CHP and heat pumps to balance renewable power production: Lessons from the district heating network in Stockholm 2017
Brown, Terrence ; Boon, Edward ; Pitt, Leyland Seeking funding in order to sell: Crowdfunding as a marketing tool 2017
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Kreicbergs, Johan Sverige som kunskapsnation: Lokalisering av huvudkontor och FoU 2017
Braunerhjelm, Pontus Entreprenörskap i det 21 århundradet 2017
Dimoulkas, Ilias ; Amelin, Mikael ; Levihn, Fabian District heating system operation in power systems with high share of wind power 2017
Birkie, Seyoum Eshetu ; Trucco, P. ; Fernandez Campos, P. Effectiveness of resilience capabilities in mitigating disruptions: leveraging on supply chain structural complexity 2017
Darmani, Anna ; Niesten, Eva M. M. I. ; Hekkert, Marko P. Characteristics of investors in onshore wind power in Sweden 2017
Miterev, Maxim ; Engwall, Mats ; Jerbrant, Anna Mechanisms of isomorphism in project-based organizations 2017
Assbring, Linda ; Nuur, Cali What’s in it for industry? A case study on collaborative doctoral education in Sweden 2017
Söderberg, Lennart ; Bengtsson, Lars ; Kaulio, Matti A. A Model for Outsourcing and Governing of Maintenance within the Process Industry 2017
Mohammadi, Ali ; Broström, Anders ; Franzoni, Chiara Workforce Composition and Innovation: How Diversity in Employees' Ethnic and Educational Backgrounds Facilitates Firm-Level Innovativeness 2017
Tongur, Stefan ; Engwall, Mats Exploring window of opportunity dynamics in infrastructure transformation 2017
Visnjic, Ivanka (et al.) What brings the value to outcome-based contract providers? Value drivers in outcome business models 2017
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Thulin, Per ; Ding, Ding The knowledge spillover theory of intrapreneurship 2017
Paschen, Jeannette (et al.) The brand personalities of brand communities: an analysis of online communication 2017
Lööf, Hans ; Mairesse, J. ; Mohnen, P. CDM 20 years after 2017
Stefan, Ioana ; Bengtsson, Lars Unravelling appropriability mechanisms and openness depth effects on firm performance across stages in the innovation process 2017
Broström, Anders ; Karlsson, Staffan Mapping research on R&D, innovation and productivity: a study of an academic endavour 2017
Brown, James R. ; Martinsson, Gustav ; Petersen, Bruce C. What promotes R&D? Comparative evidence from around the world 2017
Cetindamar, Dilek ; Rickne, Annika Using the functional analysis to understand the emergence of biomaterials within an existing biotechnology system: observations from a case study in Turkey 2017
Urciuoli, Luca ; Hintsa, Juha Adapting supply chain management strategies to security–an analysis of existing gaps and recommendations for improvement 2017
Blomkvist, Pär ; Nilsson, David On the Need for System Alignment in Large Water Infrastructure: Understanding Infrastructure Dynamics in Nairobi, Kenya 2017
Baum, Christopher F. (et al.) A new approach to estimation of the R&D-innovation-productivity relationship 2017
Kaulio, Matti A. ; Thorén, Kent ; Rohrbeck, René Double Ambidexterity: How a telco incumbent used business-model and technology innovations to successfully respond to three major disruptions 2017
Wilson, Matthew ; Robson, Karen ; Botha, Elsamari Crowdsourcing in a time of empowered stakeholders: Lessons from crowdsourcing campaigns 2017
Sriwannawit, Pranpreya ; Anisa, P. A. ; Rony, Ashack Miah Policy impact on economic viability of biomass gasification systems in Indonesia 2016
Birkie, Seyoum Eshetu ; Trucco, Paolo Understanding dynamism and complexity factors in engineer-to-order and their influence on lean implementation strategy 2016
Avdeitchikova, Sofia ; Nyström, Kristina Access to Informal Venture Capital and Ambitious Entrepreneurship - Cross Country Evidence 2016
Gummesson, Karl Effective measures to decrease air contaminants through risk and control visualization - A study of the effective use of QR codes to facilitate safety training 2016
Hedlund, Ann (et al.) Safety motivation at work: Evaluation of changes from six interventions 2016
Boon, Edward ; Ofek, Nir Deal of the day Analysing purchase frequency-based subscriber segmentation 2016
Dabhilkar, Mandar ; Birkie, Seyoum Eshetu ; Kaulio, Matti Supply-side resilience as practice bundles: a critical incident study 2016
Lööf, Hans ; Nabavi, Pardis Innovation and credit constraints: evidence from Swedish exporting firms 2016
Gustavsson, Linda ; Nuur, Cali ; Söderlind, Johan An impact analysis of regional industry–university interactions:the case of industrial PhD schools 2016
Nejad, M. G. ; Amini, Mehdi ; Sherrell, D. L. The profit impact of revenue heterogeneity and assortativity in the presence of negative word-of-mouth 2016
Hårsman, Björn ; Daghbashyan, Zara ; Chaudhary, Parth On the quality and impact of residential energy performance certificates 2016
Acs, Zoltan J. ; Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Karlsson, Charlie Phillipe Aghion: recipient of the 2016 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2016
Holgersson, Charlotte (et al.) Executive search as ethnosociality: A cross-cultural comparison 2016
Koski, Timo ; Sandström, Erik ; Sandström, Ulf Towards field-adjusted production: Estimating research productivity from a zero-truncated distribution 2016
Sandström, Ulf ; van den Besselaar, Peter Quantity and/or Quality?: The Importance of Publishing Many Papers 2016
Stiehler, Beate Elizabeth Co-creating luxury brands in an emerging market: Exploring consumer meaning making and value creation 2016
Sarker, Sudipa (et al.) Internal Visibility of External Supplier Risks and the Dynamics of Risk Management Silos 2016
Berumen, S. A. ; Pérez-Megino, L. P. Socioeconomic ranking for the development of coal-mining regions in Europe 2016
Chipp, Kerry Fiona ; Chakravorty, Devarpan Producer push to consumer pull: Who curates new media content? Developing strategies for new media environments 2016
Bigi, Alessandro ; Treen, Emily ; Bal, Anjali How customer and product orientations shape political brands 2016
Fuso Nerini, Francesco (et al.) Powering production: The case of the sisal fibre production in the Tanga region, Tanzania 2016
Paschen, Jeannette (et al.) Fine wine through time: a review of the Journal of Wine Research 2016
Kutcherov, Vladimir (et al.) Thermal Conductivity of Complex Hydrocarbon Systems at Pressures Up To 1000 MPa 2016
Levihn, Ulrika ; Levihn, Fabian The Transition from Product to Solution Selling: The Role and Organization of Employees Engaged in Current Business 2016
Levihn, Fabian On the problem of optimizing through least cost per unit, when costs are negative: Implications for cost curves and the definition of economic efficiency 2016
Ahlberg, Beth Maina (et al.) "A child, a tree": Challenges in building collaborative relations in a community research project in a Kenyan context 2016
Chipp, Kerry (et al.) British Food Journal: gaining global ground 2016
Colombo, Massimo (et al.) Open Business Model and Venture Capital Finance 2016
Hodgson, Damian E (et al.) The politics of projects in technology-intensive work 2016
Apanasevic, Tatjana ; Markendahl, Jan ; Arvidsson, Niklas Stakeholders' expectations of mobile payment in retail: lessons from Sweden 2016
Karakaya, Emrah Finite Element Method for Forecasting the Diffusion of Photovoltaic Systems: Why and How? 2016
Fölster, Stefan ; Jansson, L. ; Nyrenström Gidehag, A. The effect of local business climate on employment 2016
Priilaid, David ; Hall, Daniel Price-quality heuristic correlation with rates of product consumption 2016
Baltzopoulos, Apostolos ; Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Tikounides, Ioannis Spin-offs: Why geography matters 2016
van den Brink, Marieke (et al.) Inflating and down playing strengths and weaknesses-Practicing gender in the evaluation of potential managers and partners 2016
Long, Vicky ; Laestadius, Staffan An Indigenous Innovation: An Example from Mobile Communication Technology 2016
Miterev, Maxim ; Engwall, Mats ; Jerbrant, Anna Exploring program management competences for various program types 2016
Cicmil, Svetlana ; Lindgren, Monica ; Packendorff, Johann The project (management) discourse and its consequences: On vulnerability and un-sustainability in project-based work 2016
Berglund, Karin ; Gaddefors, Johan ; Lindgren, Monica Provoking identities: Entrepreneurship and emerging identity positions in rural development 2016
Darmani, Anna ; Arvidsson, Niklas ; Hidalgo, Antonio Do the strategic decisions of multinational energy companies differ in divergent market contexts?: An exploratory study 2016
Karakaya, Emrah ; Nuur, Cali ; Hidalgo, Antonio Business model challenge: Lessons from a local solar company 2016
Levihn, Fabian ; Nuur, Cali Co-benefits of primary energy conservation, reduced emissions and costs through biomass and waste incineration chp in district heating 2016
Brown, James R. ; Martinsson, Gustav ; Petersen, Bruce C. Stock markets, credit markets, and technology-led growth 2016
Stiehler, Beate E. ; Caruana, Albert ; Vella, Joseph Using an aesthetics and ontology framework to investigate consumers' attitudes toward luxury wine brands as a product category Evidence from two countries 2016
Paschen, Jeannette ; Paschen, Ulrich ; Kietzmann, Jan Henrik A votre sante - conceptualizing the AO typology for luxury wine and spirits 2016
Wang, Qi ; Waltman, L. Large-scale analysis of the accuracy of the journal classification systems of Web of Science and Scopus 2016
van den Besselaar, Peter ; Sandström, Ulf What is the Required Level of Data Cleaning?: A Research Evaluation Case 2016
Jovanovic, Marin ; Engwall, Mats ; Jerbrant, Anna Matching Service Offerings and Product Operations: A Key to Servitization Success 2016
van den Besselaar, Peter ; Sandström, Ulf Gender differences in research performance and its impact on careers: a longitudinal case study 2016
Wiid, Ria (et al.) No joke: Understanding public sentiment toward selling and salespeople through cartoon analysis 2016
Lapko, Yulia ; Trucco, Paolo ; Nuur, Cali The business perspective on materials criticality: Evidence from Manufacturers 2016
Sandström, Ulf ; Van den Besselaar, Peter What is the Required Level of Data Cleaning? A Research Evaluation Case 2016
Andersson, David Emanuel (et al.) Unemployment in European regions: structural problems versus the Eurozone hypothesis 2015
Crevani, Lucia (et al.) Leadership cultures and discursive hybridisation: On the cultural production of leadership in higher education reforms 2015
Ramirez-Portilla, Andres ; Brown, Terrence ; Cagno, Enrico Unravelling the integration mechanisms in open innovation projects: the case of interorganizational networks 2015
Gummesson, Karl ; Andersson, Ing-Marie ; Rosen, Gunnar Short-term Variation in Occupational Exposure to Air Contaminants 2015
Corrigan, S. (et al.) Preparing for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) implementation: an evaluation and recommendations 2015
Stiehler, Beate ; Tinson, Julie Opportunistic Luxury branding: Understanding perceptions of brand authenticity in an emerging market context: Understanding perceptions of brand authenticity in an emerging market context 2015
Boon, Edward ; Pitt, L. ; Ofek, N. "deal of the day": An analysis of subscriber purchase behavior 2015
Nordenström, J. ; Fölster, Stefan Value creating management can restore physicians' influence. Promotes quality of care and patient needs 2015
Morrison, Stacey ; Pitt, Leyland ; Kietzmann, Jan Technology and financial services: Marketing in times of U-commerce 2015
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Ding, Ding ; Thulin, Per Labour as a knowledge carrier: how increased mobilityinfluences entrepreneurship 2015
Lööf, Hans ; Nabavi, Pardis Knowledge spillovers, productivity and patent 2015
van den Besselaar, P. ; Sandström, Ulf Early career grants, performance, and careers: A study on predictive validity of grant decisions 2015
Bigi, Alessandro ; Bonera, M. ; Bal, A. Evaluating political party positioning over time: A proposed methodology 2015
Backman, Mikaela ; Lööf, Hans The geography of innovation and entrepreneurship 2015
Palm, Kristina (et al.) Employee perceptions of managers’ leadership over time 2015
Nordenström, J. ; Fölster, Stefan Värdeskapande styrning kan återupprätta läkares inflytande: Främjar vårdens kvalitet och patienternas behov 2015
Darmani, Anna Renewable energy investors in Sweden: a cross-subsector analysis of dynamic capabilities 2015
Fölster, Stefan ; Nordenström, J. Replik från Stefan fölster och jörgen nordenström: Framåtblickande läkare kan återta initiativet 2015
Vigar-Ellis, Debbie ; Pitt, Leyland ; Caruana, Albert Does Objective and Subjective Knowledge Vary between Opinion Leaders and Opinion Seekers?: Implications for Wine Marketing 2015
Nyström, Kristina ; Zhetibaeva Elvung, Gulzat New Firms as Employers: The Wage Penalty for Voluntary and Involuntary Job Switchers 2015
Hall, Daniel ; Pitt, L. ; Wallström, A. The secrets of secret societies: The case of wine 2015
Dominic, Chris A. S. (et al.) Towards a conceptual sustainable packaging development model: A corrugated box case study 2015
Palm, Kristina ; Lindahl, M. A project as a workplace Observations from project managers in four R&D and project-intensive companies. 2015
Du Preez, Rose ; Bendixen, M. T. The impact of internal brand management on employee job satisfaction, brand commitment and intention to stay 2015
Corrigan, S. (et al.) An approach to collaborative learning and the serious game development 2015
Ulfvengren, Pernilla ; Corrigan, Siobhan Development and Implementation of a Safety Management System in a Lean Airline 2015
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Desai, Sameeksha ; Eklund, Johan E. Regulation, firm dynamics and entrepreneurship 2015
Beyhan, B. ; Rickne, Annika Motivations of academics to interact with industry: The case of nanoscience 2015
Vigar-Ellis, Debbie ; Pitt, L. ; Caruana, A. Knowledge effects on the exploratory acquisition of wine 2015
Lönnqvist, Tomas ; Sanches Pereira, Alessandro ; Sandberg, Thomas Biogas potential for sustainable transport: A Swedish regional case 2015
Plangger, K. (et al.) Smart dental practice: capitalising on smart mobile technology 2015
Zhang, Yingchao ; Fabel, Oliver ; Thomann, Christian Pay inequity effects on back-office employees' job performances: the case of a large insurance firm 2015
Boon, Edward ; Pitt, Leyland ; Salehi-Sangari, Esmail Managing information sharing in online communities and marketplaces 2015
Wahlström, Marie ; Hårsman, Björn Residential energy consumption and conservation 2015
Karakaya, Emrah ; Sriwannawit, Pranpreya Barriers to the adoption of photovoltaic systems: The state of the art 2015
Sriwannawit, Pranpreya ; Laestadius, Staffan Determinants of the diffusion of solar home systems: Case study among low-income inhabitants in Bangladesh 2015
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