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Refereegranskade böcker samt bokkapitel vid Industriell Ekonomi och Organisation sen 2008 i urval från DIVA.

Författare Titel År
Ekman Rising, Marianne ; Lindgren, Monica ; Packendorff, Johann Omgiven av instrumentalister: Har det akademiska medborgarskapet gått förlorat? 2020
Angelis, Jannis ; Winroth, Mats ; McManus, John Service Management: Linking strategy design, and operations delivery 2019
Angelis, Jannis ; Beveridge, Ivana ; Freeman, Scott Drivers of Digital Trust in the Crypto Industry 2019
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Eklund, Johan Migration and the European Welfare State in a Changing World Order 2019
Nuur, Cali ; Assbring, Linda ; Laestadius, Staffan Capability creation in the natural resource-based sector: experiences from Swedish mining 2019
Nyström, Kristina Pre- and post-entrepreneurship Labor Mobility of Entrepreneurs and Employees in Entrepreneurial Firms 2018
Blomkvist, Pär ; Hallin, Anette ; Eva, Lindell Metod för företagsekonomer: Uppsats enligt 4-stegsmodellen 2018
Cook, G. ; Shevtsova, Y. ; Lööf, Hans The impact of technology spillovers and international knowledge flows on the productivity and innovativeness of UK multinationals 2018
Urciuoli, Luca ; Gurbuz, Mustafa Cagri ; Val, Susana Choosing Cross-Border Financial Guarantee Instruments—Economic Implications and Hidden Risks 2018
Trucco, Paolo ; Petrenj, Boris ; Birkie, Seyoum Eshetu Assessing supply chain vulnerabilities upon critical infrastructure disruptions: a multilevel modelling approach 2018
Arvidsson, Niklas The future of cash 2018
Arvidsson, Niklas The payment landscape in Sweden 2018
Braunerhjelm, Pontus Born Global or Stay Local? Evidence from Swedish industry 2018
Nyström, Kristina ; Viklund Ros, Ingrid Exploring regional differences in the regional capacity to absorb displacements 2017
Wahl, Anna ; Holgersson, Charlotte Sweden: Work for change and political threats 2017
Müller, Ralf ; Packendorff, Johann ; Sankaran, Shankar Balanced leadership: A new perspective for leadership in organizational project management 2017
Blomkvist, Pär ; Johansson, Petter A Dynamic Mind. Perspectives on Industrial Dynamics in Honour of Staffan Laestadius 2016
Blomkvist, Pär ; Petter, Johansson Systems thinking in Industrial dynamics 2016
Blomkvist, Pär ; Johansson, Petter ; Laestadius, Staffan This is Industrial Dynamics 2016
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Henrekson, Magnus An Innovation Policy Framework Bridging the Gap between Industrial Dynamics and Growth 2016
Karakaya, Emrah ; Sriwannawit Lundberg, Pranpreya Diffusion of Innovations 2016
Wahl, Anna (et al.) Future Challenges for practices of diversity management in organizations 2015
Eliasson, Gunnar ; Braunerhjelm, Pontus Entrepreneurial catch-up and new industrial competence blocs formation in the Baltic sea region 2015
Eliasson, Gunnar ; Braunerhjelm, Pontus Entrepreneurial catch-up and new industrial competence bloc formation in the Baltic sea region 2015
Angelis, Jannis ; Jordahl, Henrik ; Glänngård, Anna Att styra och leda en vårdcentral: Hur går det till och vad kan förbättras? 2015
Broström, Anders ; McKelvey, Maureen Universities and Public Research Institutes as Collaboration Partners 2015
Wahl, Anna The gender equality index and reflective role plays: introducing gender in management education 2015
Andersson, Ake E. (et al.) Complexity, scientific creativity and clustering 2015
Packendorff, Johann Should project management get carried away?: On the unfinished business of critical project studies 2014
Nyström, Kristina Business Regulation and Red Tape in the Entrepreneurial Economy 2014
Holgersson, Charlotte ; Höök, Pia ; Wahl, Anna Women as power resources: Putting theory into practice 2014
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Ding, Ding ; Thulin, Per Labor market flexibility, growth and innovation: the case of Sweden 2014
Braunerhjelm, Pontus Liberal policies for inclusive growth: A concluding note 2014
Crevani, Lucia ; Lindgren, Monica ; Packendorff, Johann Ledarskap bortom idén om den ensamma hjälten 2013
Andersson, Martin (et al.) Reflections 2013
Hårsman, Björn From ugly duckling to Europe's first green capital: A historical perspective on the development of Stockholm's urban environment 2013
Eliasson, Gunnar Automotive dynamics in the stockholm and southern german regional economies – a comparison 2013
Bauner, D. (et al.) Financing and investment for sugar cane and bioenergy in Africa 2013
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Eklund, Johan Reformer eller regleringar?: Europas konkurrensproblematik under och efter skuldkrisen 2013
Eliasson, Gunnar The internet as a global production reorganizer: The old industry in the new economy 2013
Eklund, Johan ; Braunerhjelm, Pontus Innovationer eller regleringar? Europas konkurrensproblematik under och efter skuldkrisen” 2013
Cook, G. A. S. (et al.) The influence of clustering on mne location and innovation in great Britain 2012
Rickne, Annika ; Laestadius, Staffan ; Etzkowitz, Henry Innovation Governance in an Open Economy: Shaping Regional Nodes in a Globalized World 2012
Gustavsson, Linda ; Nuur, Cali ; Laestadius, Staffan Between the regional and the global: regional innovation systems policy and industrial knowledge formation 2012
Andersson, Martin ; Lööf, Hans Firm Performance and International Trade 2012
Lööf, Hans (et al.) R&D Strategy and Firm Performance: What Is the Long-Run Impact of Persistent R&D? 2012
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Henrekson, Magnus Ett ramverk för innovationspolitiken: Hur göra Sverige mer entreprenöriellt? 2012
Braunerhjelm, Pontus Innovation and Growth: A Technical or Entrepreneurial Residual? 2012
Nyström, Kristina Labor mobility and entrepreneurship: Who do new firms employ? 2012
Nyström, Kristina Regional Institutional Environment and New Firm Formation 2012
Hansen, Malin ; Hårsman, Björn Den regionala utvecklingsplaneringen i Stockholmsregionen 2011
Wahl, Anna Rosabeth Moss Kanter: Men and women of the corporation 2011
Dahlhammar, Tobias ; Brown, Terrence Industrial effects on resource acquisition: Immigrant enterprises in kista, stockholm 2011
Macintyre, Mairi ; Parry, Glenn ; Angelis, Jannis Are you being served? 2011
Gustafsson, Linda ; Laestadius, Staffan ; Nuur, Cali Policy Induced Regional Interactions in Enhancing Global Industrial Competitiveness 2011
Johansson, Börje ; Lööf, Hans FDI Inflows to Sweden: Consequences for Innovation and Renewal 2011
Braunerhjelm, Pontus Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic growth: Interdependencies, irregularities and regularities 2011
Macintyre, Mairi ; Parry, Glenn ; Angelis, Jannis Service Design and Delivery 2011
Arvidsson, Niklas Designing more effective political governance of turbulent fields: The case of healthcare 2010
Andersson, Martin (et al.) Multinationals in the Knowledge Economy: A case study of AstraZeneca in Sweden 2010
Johansson, Börje ; Lööf, Hans ; Ebersberger, Berndt The Innovation and Productivity Effect of Foreign Take-Over of National Assets 2010
Braunerhjelm, Pontus ; Borgman, Benny Entrepreneurship and local growth: A comparison of the US and Sweden 2010
Alsanius, B. W. (et al.) Prospects of dialogue-inspired methods as tools for knowledge transfer: Technology for sustainable horticulture meets experiential knowledge communities 2009
Hallin, Anette Producing Stockholm Through Guided Tours 2009
Johansson, Börje ; Karlsson, Charlie Knowledge and Regional Development 2009
Lindgren, Monica Gränsöverskridande entreprenörskapsforskning: Entreprenörskap som projekt, process och emancipation 2009
Nyström, Kristina Is Entrepreneurship the Salvation for Enhanced Economic Growth? 2009
Karlsson, Charlie ; Nyström, Kristina Knowledge Accessiblity and New Firm Formation 2009
Nyström, Kristina Firm Size, Firm Maturity and Product and Process R&D in Swedish Manufacturing Firms 2009
Broström, Anders ; McKelvey, Maureen ; Sandström, Christian Elite European Universities and the R&D Subsidiaries of Multinational Enterprises 2009
Lööf, Hans Technological Diffusion and Innovation<em> </em>: The Importance of Domestic and Foreign Sources 2009
Wikforss, Örjan ; Löfgren, Alexander Rethinking communication in the construction industry 2009
Hallin, Anette Marketing the mCity: How a city based ICT-project can make sense 2009
Johansson, Börje Transport Infrastructure Inside and Across Urban Regions: Models and assessment methods 2008
Uggla, Henrik The Corporate Brand Association Base 2008
Hammarén, Maria Ledtråd i förvandling: Om att skapa en reflekterande praxis 2008
Barinaga, Ester The information society: A global discourse and its local translation into regional organizational practices 2008
Hallin, Annette ; Lundevall, K. mCity: User focused development of mobile services within the city of Stockholm 2008
Laestadius, Staffan ; Gustavsson, Linda ; Long, Vicky High-tech Innovation in catching-up countries; conditions and perspectives 2008
Lindgren, Monica ; Packendorff, Johann Från projektarbete till projektintensivt arbete: Människan och projektarbetets institutionalisering 2008
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