First confirmed keynote at Embedded Conference Scandinavia
Magnus Frodigh, Head of Ericsson Research is the first confirmed keynote on Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS). Magnus Frodigh will speak about 5G, its applicability for industry and the advantages with Edge Computing where generic computing resources – without electrical power restraints – can be offered close to the devices, thus enabling off-loading of computational tasks from the devices to a machine just a few milliseconds away.

See the full Press Release here

FED4SAE 2nd Call opens 27th of May

Could 60K€ boost your innovation projects? Are you an innovative SME in the domain of Cyber Physical Systems or Industrial IOT that have an awesome business idea that could need a boost in the right direction? Then it could be a perfect opportunity to apply for a FED4SAE Application Experiment.

Read more about FED4SAE here .

If you get approved, the IOT Hub THINGS are happy to give you a nice deal on office space at their location in Stockholm. Just to put you in the centre of the action.

KTH is, as one of the Networking partners, proud to represent the FED4SAE Project in Sweden. And our role is to guide and help you apply.

The FED4SAE Project aims to bring innovations to the market by offering a combination of funding, technical platform, domain expertise as well as access to a pan-European network.

The expected duration of an Application Experiment is from 9 to a maximum of 18 months. The average funding per applicant is 50k€ with a maximum of 60k€ for one, at a funding rate of 70% of the budget.

What you need to apply;

1. A clear plan and budget for what you want to achieve.
2. An understanding of the business potential that the result could bring.
3. Selected one of the Industrial Platforms that you need to include in your experiment.

The call is closeing 18th of September so you should have plenty of time to apply. And the KTH Innovation HUB is happy to coach and support you in writing your application so don’t hesitate to contact us. But please don’t wait until the last moment.

Contact the hub here

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