Future Highway Design! AH2909, 7.5hp

Are you interested in cross-cultural interaction?

Do you like collaborating in a virtual world?

Are you good at working in groups and in close collaboration with industry?

Do you have a passion for designing our future international infrastructure?

Then this may be the course for you!

Register before October 10th 2013, limited space available!

KTH has started a close collaboration with Tsinghua University in Beijing to develop the C-Campus. The ‘C’ stands for Cloud, Cross-Cultural and Creative learning. This first C-Campus course is all about you designing the highway of the future with your colleagues from Tsinghua! Electrical vehicles?! Heavy trucks?? Energy harvesting and silent roads? New materials?! Environmental considerations? It will all come by and more…

You will have the opportunity to work closely with Swedish industry, active in China and test your ideas with reality. You will be doing this in C-Campus, a virtual world. This way you fit your life on the C-Campus into your normal life at KTH Campus…

You will be guided through the course, by teachers and mentors from KTH and Tsinghua, coming from different domains (highway engineering, vehicle dynamics, soil-mechanics, traffic engineering, planning, logistics…) and you will be handing in your assignments on fixed deadlines. There will also be a number of ‘live’ meetings, in which KTH and Tsinghua participants meet each other in person!

Oh, and did we mention that it will be Very Educational (…and fun).

This is how it works.

Check if you fulfill the requirements, course information . You register (including a motivation letter) and 15 students will be selected from KTH and 15 from Tsinghua.  

The course will give you 7.5 Hp and will be noted as an extra course on your curriculum.

Please note: registration will close on October 10th  2013 and you will be notified if you got a place on the course by 14 October 2013. Then C-Campus will open for you and the course will span over period 2, 2013-2014.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us: kringos@kth.se