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Postdoc positions

The Brummer & Partners MathDataLab is announcing three new postdoc positions. The application deadline is Dec 17, 2019. Here you can find out details about the proposed projects.

The full announcement and application details can be found here

The Department of Mathematics at KTH is offering two-year post-doctoral positions within the Brummer & Partners MathDataLab. The post-doctoral positions at the MathDataLab aims at conducting research in mathematics (e.g. topology, analysis, combinatorics, etc) or applied mathematics (mathematical statistics, numerical analysis, optimisation, etc) with emphasis on development of theory and/or methods for data analysis. The following projects are available.

1. Algebro-geometric study of loss landscapes

Supervisors: Kathlen Kohn and Sandra Di Rocco

Project description (pdf 108 kB)

2. Topological data analysis of semi-algebraic sets

Supervisors: Wojciech Chacholski and Martina Scolamiero

Project description (pdf 114 kB)

3. Analysis and applications of piecewise deterministic Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods

Supervisor: Pierre Nyquist

Project description (pdf 70 kB)

4. Multiscale methods for molecular dynamics 

Supervisor: Anders Szepessy

Project description (pdf 75 kB)

5. Discovering and analyzing teleconnections with neural networks

Supervisor: Thomas Önskog

Project description (pdf 66 kB)

6. Probabilistic graphical models: theory and applications in causality

Supervisor: Liam Solus

Project description (pdf 100 kB)

7. Modeling and analyzing complex networks using optimal transport

Supervisor: Johan Karlsson

Project description (pdf 55 kB)

8. Autonomous learning of neural signals in bioelectronic medicine

Supervisors: Henrik Hult, Fredrik Viklund and Peder Olofsson (KI)

Project description (pdf 183 kB)

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