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Alessio Caminata: A Pascal's Theorem for rational normal curves

Time: Mon 2020-05-04 15.30

Location: Zoom, registration required

Participating: Alessio Caminata, University of Neuchâtel


Pascal’s Theorem gives a synthetic geometric condition for six points A,...,F in the projective plane to lie on a conic. Namely, that the intersection points of the lines AB and DE, AF and CD, EF and BC are aligned. One could ask an analogous question in higher dimension: is there a linear coordinate-free condition for d + 4 points in the d-dimensional projective space to lie on a degree d rational normal curve? In this talk we will discuss and give an answer to this problem by writing in the Grassmann-Cayley algebra the defining equations of the parameter space of d+4 ordered points that lie on a rational normal curve of degree d. This is a joint work with L. Schaffler.


If you want to attend the seminar, please send an email to .