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Lisa Nicklasson: White’s conjecture and polymatroids

Time: Mon 2021-01-25 15.00

Lecturer: Lisa Nicklasson, Max Planck

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 661 4377 8078


It was conjectured by White in 1980 that the toric ring associated to a matroid is defined by symmetric exchange relations. This conjecture was extended to discrete polymatroids by Herzog and Hibi. In this talk I will give an introduction to discrete polymatroids and White's conjecture. We will look at cases where the conjecture has been proved, and consider some related problems.

Password: min {n | n = a^3+b^3=c^3+d^3, a,b,c,d \in N, {a,b} \neq {b,c}}

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