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Elisa Affili: Civil Wars: A New Lotka-Volterra Competitive System and Analysis of Winning Strategies

Time: Wed 2020-04-22 13.15 - 14.15

Location: Zoom: stockholmuniversity, Meeting ID: 61211607439

Participating: Elisa Affili, University of Milan & Sorbonne Université


Imagine a territory where two (human) populations live together in competition. What happens if one of the two wants to get rid of the other and attacks it? Which strategy should it adopt in order to win the con- flict? We will discuss a toy model of population dynamics for two groups at war. Starting from the classic Lotka-Volterra competition system of ODEs, we derive the model and show how the dynamic is influenced by the aggressiveness of the population that attacks, and how this parameter should be adjusted in order to reach a victory. These results were ob- tained in collaboration with Luca Rossi (EHESS, Paris), Serena Dipierro and Enrico Valdinoci (UWA, Perth).