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Henri Riihimäki: Excursions into directed networks: combinatorics, algebra, and topology with machine learning

Time: Tue 2021-10-12 10.15

Location: KTH, 3721, Lindstedtsvägen 25 and Zoom (meeting ID: 659 3743 5667)

Lecturer: Henri Riihimäki (KTH)


I will describe three recent works in the context of directed graphs/networks. The motivation and applications stem from brain networks of neurons and this perspective is interleaved in the talk. The three works I will describe are: 1) Machine learning pipeline for binary dynamics on a network, 2) New notion of a simplicial connectivity for directed graphs which extends Q-analysis of Atkin, and 3) How simplicial connectivities enable higher Hochschild homologies of directed graphs, going beyond degree 1 of the path algebra.