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Katayoon Khosraviani: Gaussiska heltal, entydig faktorisering och tvåkvadratsatsen

BSc thesis presentation

Time: Fri 2020-06-05 09.30 - 10.30

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 643 0807 4073

Participating: Katayoon Khosraviani

Supervisor: Håkan Granath


This paper aims to demonstrate that the ring av Gaussisan integers is uniq factorisation, by provide first evidence on that a larger class of rings, namely Euclidean rings are unique factorization rings, and than Gaussian integer is Euclidean.

Further investigations focused to understand how prime elements can be clarified among Gaussian integers. Likewise, the result of the effort provided evidences on Fermats sum of two square theorem as a consequence of the theorem of unique factorization for Gaussian integer.