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Kathlén Kohn: Nonlinear Algebra in Data Science and AI

Time: Tue 2020-11-17 11.15

Location: Zoom and KTH, F11

Participating: Kathlén Kohn, KTH

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Nonlinear algebra is the study of systems of multivariate polynomial equations and inequalities. At the heart of this lies algebraic geometry, but the field is driven by many other areas of mathematics such as combinatorics, convex and discrete geometry, multilinear algebra, tropical geometry, or representation theory. Systems of polynomial (in)equalities appear vastly throughout the sciences and engineering. In this talk, I will focus on applications in data science and artificial intelligence. My research focuses on uncovering geometric structures in applied problems and on finding connections between seemingly unrelated areas of mathematics or science in general. I will demonstrate this by describing the underlying (algebraic) geometry of machine learning with neural networks and of 3D reconstruction in computer vision. I will also outline surprising connections between statistics, invariant theory, geometric modeling, intersection theory, and physics.

Notes: The seminar will take place in F11 for the first 18 people to arrive. Overflow audience and those who are working from home can participate via Zoom with meeting ID 62586628413 .