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Ludvig Olsson: Moret-Bailly families and nonliftable schemes

Time: Wed 2021-10-13 13.15 - 14.15

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 694 6016 6420 (password required)

Lecturer: Ludvig Olsson (SU)


We construct a family of schemes in characteristic p>0 and show that the subfamily with nef anticanonical sheaf does not lift projectively to characteristic 0. The construction is roughly given as a quotient of a superspecial abelian variety over projective space by an infinitesimal subgroup, and generalizes the Moret-Bailly pencil of supersingular abelian surfaces to higher dimensions. In the proof of nonliftability, we use the surjectivity of the Albanese map for Kähler manifolds with nef anticanonical sheafs.

Note: The passcode was sent to the AG and NT mailing lists. If you're not on these lists and would like to attend, or are having trouble accessing the meeting, please email Wushi Goldring at . To be added to the AG mailing list, please email Jonas Bergström at .