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Nasrin Naseri: Handelsresande i Sverige

BSc thesis presentation

Time: Fri 2020-06-05 11.00 - 12.00

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 647 0784 5619

Participating: Nasrin Naseri

Supervisor: Sven Raum


The travelling salesman problem is one of the most known optimization problems in graph theory. The problem is to find the shortest possible route so that you visit each city only once and then return to the starting city. In this paper we will first study graph theory and different types of graphs. Then we will introduce the nearest neighbor algorithm and the greedy algorithm to find good approximate solutions to the travelling salesman problem. Finally, we want to find a good approximation route between the 15 largest cities in Sweden with the help of these algorithms passing each city once, without returning to the starting city.