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Per Idenfeldt: Quantum Computation and Shor's Algorithm

BSc Thesis Presentation

Time: Thu 2020-08-27 11.30 - 12.30

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 61549286742

Participating: Per Idenfeldt

Supervisor: Olof Sisask


Quantum computation is a computing system that makes use of quantum mechanical phenomenons to perform computation. A computer performing such computation is referred to as a quantum computer. Some computational problems, in particular integer factorization, are believed to be solved significantly faster on quantum computers. The RSA cryptosystem makes use of the fact that integer factorization is considered hard for a classical computer. On a quantum computer, the integer factorization problem may be solved easily with Shor’s algorithm. The central goal in

this thesis is to understand the details of Shor’s integer factorization algorithm. To accomplish this we provide a brief introduction to the field of quantum computation.