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Scott Mason: Statistical mechanics and the Ising model

Time: Fri 2019-09-13 13.15 - 14.00

Location: Room 3418, Lindstedtsvägen 25, 4th floor, Department of Mathematics, KTH

Participating: Scott Mason

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Statistical mechanics as a branch of physics has had great
success as a model for interacting particle systems at equilibrium
and has started yielding fruit in the non-equilibrium setting, it has
also prompted mathematical research into new directions at various
points in history. This talk will consist of an introduction to
statistical mechanics at equilibrium and defining quantities of interest
followed by an analysis of the Ising model on Z^d, the analysis will be
for the 1d case and then a mean-field approximation will be taken for
d>1. Following this we will discuss approaches to the 2d case and a
relatively short duality argument will be given for the existence of the
phase transition, if time permits. This is for a general mathematics PhD
audience and everyone is welcome.