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Sebastian Rosengren: Neural networks - Introducing Neural networks

Mini course on Neural networks, Part 1

Time: Wed 2020-04-29 15.15 - 17.00

Location: Zoom, Registration required.

Participating: Sebastian Rosengren, Stockholms universitet


We have all heard about them. Neural networks. Neural freaking networks. They can no longer be ignored. But what is a neural network, and how do they work? Can I implement them or do I need a five GPU computer and a week of spare time? In this upcoming talk we will answer this.

This is part one of a two part workshop series in machine learning, and hence the format will be a little different than usual. For this first session it is a 2x45min lecture, where we will go through the underlying theory for neural networks, as well as looking at how to implement and train these models using keras. The goal is that at the end everyone should be able to say "I know what a neural network is, and I can implement it if I have to".

How to register

We wish to confine the number of participants to members of academic and professional communities, so that we introduced a registration procedure. In order to get registered, please send an email to .