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Thomas Nikolaus: K-theory and arithmetic cohomology theories

Time: Wed 2022-03-23 15.15 - 17.00

Location: Albanova, FR4 (Oskar Klein) and Zoom

Video link: Meeting ID: 615 4067 7848

Participating: Thomas Nikolaus (WWU Münster)

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FR4 (Oskar Klein), Albanova (directions available here ).


14:15–15:00 Pre-colloquium  by Thomas Blom in FB52

15:15–16:15 Colloquium lecture by Thomas Nikolaus.
16:15–17:00 SMC social get together with refreshments.


Algebraic K-theory is an invariant of rings. It has several relations to questions in geometric topology, homotopy theory, algebraic geometry and number theory. Recently there have been advances in our understanding how to understand and compute algebraic K-theory using arithmetic cohomology theories. We will describe sample results, how the relation philosophically works and how it fostered important advances in p-adic cohomology (notably prismatic cohomology).