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Tilman Bauer: p-Polar Rings

Time: Wed 2021-06-16 13.15 - 14.15

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 685 0671 8075

Lecturer: Tilman Bauer (KTH)

Abstract: For a prime p, a p-polar ring is a graded abelian group with a p-fold multiplication map, defined on p-tuples of homogeneous elements of equal degree, satisfying suitable associativity and commutativity conditions. Commutative, nonunital (graded) rings are examples of p-polar rings, but they are far from the only ones. In this talk, I will focus on p-polar k-algebras over a perfect field k of characteristic p. A common theme of the results I will present is that commutative affine (p-adic) group schemes are naturally group objects not on the category of affine schemes but on the category of p-polar affine schemes, i.e. the opposite category of p-polar k-algebras. I will make use of p-typical Witt vectors, the technical heart of my results being that they are in fact well-defined for p-polar rings.

Note: The passcode was sent to the AG and NT mailing lists. If you're not on these lists and would like to attend, or are having trouble accessing the meeting, please email Wushi Goldring at . To be added to the AG mailing list, please email Jonas Bergström at .

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