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Our research

Research performed at the Division of Optimization and Systems Theory includes various topics in mathematical systems theory, with particular emphasis on stochastic systems, filtering, identification and robust and nonlinear control; optimization with particular emphasis on large-scale nonlinear programming and a range of applications. Examples of applications include radiation therapy, cell biology, robotics and scheduling.

The department is organizing the conference Stockholm Optimization Days 2022

Below follows a list of faculty members, and a few key words describing their research interests. For more information, please see the personal webpages.

Nonlinear optimization, optimization of radiation therapy, numerical linear algebra.

Nonlinear dynamical systems, multi-agent systems, control and filtering.

Optimization, operations research, scheduling, systems theory, system Identification.

Optimization, systems theory, inverse problems, remote sensing, optimal transport.

Mixed-integer optimization, optimization methods and algorithms, mixed-integer optimization for ML and AI, strong convex relaxations, solver development, optimization for smart grid applications.

Belongs to: Optimization and Systems Theory
Last changed: Jan 03, 2022