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Biomedical flows

Blodkärl med blodkroppar, dekorationsbild.

Our research

The research is focused on better understanding the fluid mechanical basis of blood flow along with the biological processes induced by the flow in the relevant clinical situations, and thereby leading to improved treatment. We seek to develop tools for early detection of risks for development of cardiovascular pathologies in the clinical situations. The research is of both numerical and experimental character and is carried out in close collaboration with clinical partners.

Projects are currently focused in the following areas

  • Fluid mechanical characterization of artificial heart support circuit components such as blood pumps and cannulae
  • Initiation, detection and modeling of thrombosis in life support devices including development of non-invasive clot detection method
  • Atherosclerosis – initiation and predictive indicators thereof
  • Hemodialysis related pathology and optimal access
  • Sensitivity assessment of fluid mechanical simulations associated to boundary conditions, blood rheological modeling and transport models of cellular and macro-molecule blood components


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