Multisensory Interaction

The Multisensory Interaction Team gathers researchers from MID covering the following research fields:

Sound and Music Computing

Our vision is to understand human communication and interaction by sound and music so as to make them a natural part of everyday technology.

Our research concerns several aspects of Sound and Music Computing (SMC), and runs in the following main streams:

  • the science of music performance, including emotional and gestural aspects
  • sound in interaction, including sonification and sound design
  • new technologies for musical expression, including therapy applications
  • music information retrieval, including music corpus research


Haptic feedback (supporting the touch modality) is often taken for granted in real life but it is still not common when interacting with computers. If you grasp an object by using a haptic device that is available today you can feel the qualities of the material of a graphical object, like softness, texture, weight, or viscosity. Magnetism and pulling forces can also be represented and felt physically. Haptic feedback thus makes it possible to feel graphical objects as if they were real physical objects and that makes them easier to manipulate.

Current projects


MuMi - Multi-agent Multimodal Interaction

DigiFys - Digital and Physical Game Environments (in Swedish only)

Student projects

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