Student Projects

In Sound and Music Computing a large number of possibilities exist for students to do their thesis work. Below is a list of thesis subjects, more detailed descriptions are provided in separate PDF documents.

Spv: Roberto Bresin

  • Sonification of tweets: communicating #hashtags with sound ( pdf (pdf 190 kB) )
  • Design of the soundscape of everyday activities and social media data ( pdf (pdf 44 kB) )

Spv: André Holzapfel

In collaboration with Soundtrap  :

(Description available here (pdf 26 kB) )

  • Tempo Estimation for a music production environment
  • Key Estimation from music recordings
  • Categorisation of massive audio loop library using perception related features
  • Changing expression of MIDI data in terms of mood and style

In collaboration with Doremir  :

(Description available here (pdf 29 kB) )

  • Music Learning Applications:
    • Learn to sing in tune
    • Learning timing
    • Learn harmony
  • Music Information Retrieval:
    • Instrument classification in polyphonic music
    • Music Transcription

Other projects :

(Description available here (pdf 211 kB) )

  • Towards rehabilitation of motion deficiencies using rhythmic processes
  • Virtual DJ
  • Tempo and rhythmic aesthetics of popular music production
  • Crowd games for sports events
  • Micro-timing in recordings of Jazz ensembles: How precise can we detect notes?
  • Tracking the beat in music: compilation of data and comparison of the state-of-the-art

Spv: Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen

(Description available here )

  • Sonification for prevention of shoplifting
  • Web audio game design
  • The one-button instrument
  • Building the physical interface for an impossible drum machine
  • Fictitious Soundscapes: Preferences for urban sound environments of the future
  • The sound of wheelchairs in motion

Spv: Sandra Pauletto

(Description available here (pdf 217 kB) )

  • Listening to the archive: bringing to life a meteorological journal by John Hough (1757-1825) through sonification, visuals and interaction
  • The Climate Change music box: understanding science to take action
  • Emotions in sound design: exploring how context affects the perception of emotions in knocking sounds (Sandra Pauletto)

Spv: Adrian B. Latupeirissa

  • Gesture, Sound, and Emotion on a Humanoid Robot ( pdf (pdf 122 kB) )
  • Pepper Robot Sonic Dress – A Garment for Augmenting Robot Expressive Capabilities ( pdf (pdf 146 kB) )


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