Technology Enhanced Learning

The Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) group specializes in technology-enhanced learning with a focus on design and action research. The group was established in 2009 and collaborates both with other schools at KTH as well as Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet, Williams College and Stanford University.

The TEL-team

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is the use of technology to enhance and enrich learning situations or learning experiences. We argue that research in TEL is needed in order to assess and gain knowledge under which circumstances the use of certain technologies will enhance learning experiences and learning situations.

The use of the word technology is here to be understood in a broad sense and includes both analog and digital technology. With this view of technology, several analog milestones in the history of learning such as the alphabet, books, pencils and paper are to be considered uses of TEL. Furthermore, the research field of TEL should not be restricted to digital technologies, which could narrow our view of what could be accomplished. This view further implies that e-learning becomes a subset of TEL.

From the perspective of Activity Theory can TEL be regarded as the use of technology as a mediating artifact, or tool, for enhancing learning in various kinds of activities, either in formal or informal learning situations. Vygotsky introduced the zone of proximal development as the difference between what a learner can do without help, and what she can do with help. TEL is intended to provide the learner with such help, which then goes beyond helping to learn but also helping to do, i.e., carrying out tasks, whether in a classroom or at work. This help can be regarded as an augmentation of performance, as well as of learning.

Technology can be used to enhance and enrich the learning experience and the learning situation as an extension to ourselves or as a mediating artifact with the intention to expand the of proximal development. The mission of research in TEL is to contribute to the knowledge about under which circumstances the use of (a certain) technology will enhance the learning experience.

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